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Wednesday Night time Owls: Do People Fear About Conflict Crimes Whereas U.S. Troopers Get Dwelling Alive?

That is not to say that Americans are not completely immune to the dangers of war crimes. In fact, according to research, they are more interested in US war crimes abroad than they were during the Vietnam War. In a December 2019 poll of more than 1,000 Americans, researchers asked Americans whether they agreed or disagreed with Trump's decision to apologize to Lorance despite his 2012 conviction of killing civilians in Afghanistan. Forty-one percent agreed to the pardon and 59 percent disagreed, the researchers found. "In 1971 Lt. William L. Calley Jr. was tried by court-martial and convicted of the murder of 22 civilians in the 1968 My Lai massacre," the researchers say written down. “He was sentenced to life imprisonment. A 1971 Gallup / Newsweek poll found that 11 percent of Americans agreed with the verdict. "

Her research, published in the Washington Post, shows that war crimes, like most other military-related problems, collapse by party-political standards in terms of their impact on the civilian population: only 12 percent of Democrats and 45 percent of Independents voted for Trump's Lorance forgiving, while 79 percent of Republicans totally agree. What is more telling, however, is the respondents' written comment, which indicates that "many Americans seem to believe that just war troops should be exempted from responsibility for acts of violence, even war crimes," the researchers said wrote in the Washington Post. […]




“It takes a disciplined imagination to recognize that the less personal ferocity of bombs, missiles, artillery and heavy weapons are also barbaric to those who are torn to pieces. The greatest horror of what the coalition is doing is not the casual soldier committing a war crime in the heat of battle, but the constant destruction that has rained on cities, villages and the Iraqi people. This violence is calmly exercised from a distance within the framework of the rules of engagement. War itself is the American war crime. " ~~ James Carroll, "Fear of Looking into the Moral Abyss", 2004



At Daily Kos that day in 2005– Does war make presidents kings?

Despite a lot of noise, also from non-conservative sourcesIt is now clear that the legal justification for President Bush's approval of unlawful electronic surveillance domestically rests solely on the argument that Article II of the Constitution gives the executive plenary as commander-in-chief, which is not restricted by the other branches of our federal government can. The Justice Department's weak apology Because the actions of the President make it clear that the claim that FISA allows what the President has approved is based on the view that FISA is unconstitutional if FISA does NOT allow it.

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