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"We're celebrating the defeat of the worst president in US historical past."

To be honest, many of the items that were on the Post's list felt like consolation prizes in a year that gave America nothing but a nub. Even the board itself acknowledged that many items on the list were more "silver linings" than things to wholeheartedly celebrate. Sure, it was nice to reconnect with old friends and distant relatives more often via Zoom and FaceTime (# 5), but I would have loved to give that up to skip the wave of suffering that swept the nation and the globe.

Even while many of us have gained a much deeper appreciation for "The selfless commitment of nurses, carers, doctors and other health workers who risked their lives to save our lives" (No. 3) seems to whitewash reality. Trump and hordes devouring his conspiracy Supporters piled scorn and ridicule of these tireless heroes while making sure they would experience the maximum amount of stress and turmoil as they tried to restore the country to health. I've never been more grateful for our healthcare / frontline heroes, but it's quite difficult to have the half-full view of the glass when we go on vacation with max ICU across the country. The real salvation here seems to be the vaccine which, hopefully, will soon alleviate their tireless days and nights.

However, the race bill initiated that year was really moving – a 2020 event that was mentioned in several of the Post's posts. The crowds that took to the streets calling for police reforms after the brutal murder of George Floyd were both inspired and inspiring. And black women – the backbone of the Democratic Party – who, in addition to elevating the first black person and woman to the nation's second commanding officer, led the way to Trump's overthrow, were rightly so cute and historic. The top 20 are rounded off, The Post writes:

After four years of government in which mostly white men were appointed to the judiciary and executive, the government should look more like America. And not just with its new vice president, but with a host of new faces including most of the Native Americans elected to Congress, most of the transsexuals elected to law, a group of Republican women elected to Congress, and an extremely diverse group and competent number of nominees for the incoming cabinet.

Oh – and a panda was born at the National Zoo!

Happy New Year. May 2021 brings much more to the country and the world to really get excited about at this time next year.

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