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Group Highlight: Some life tales provide the comfort of pre-pandemic normalcy

Three of this week's personal stories are food-focused: a compliment to the author's favorite must; a chef's thoughts on foraging and cooking techniques; and an outside restaurant dinner during a snow storm in the Rockies. Another describes the author's involvement in a street protest over a labor dispute. The fifth leads readers to a calming audio book. Other community reports analyzed how public transport policies developed in the recent elections, the intersection between life expectancy policies and public health, and a major political silence. We also saved a “Best of 2020” book list and a Christmas poem. Six of these stories are the first bailouts for long-time community members, and all ten meet our rescue criteria for "well-written stories that deserve more attention." Here's another chance to enjoy it.

Saved stories from 4 p.m. on friday dec. 6 p.m. to 4 p.m. est friday dec. 25, 2020

Biographical information for each of these community members comes from what they have shared in stories and on their profile pages. So for some people there is reliable information, for others less. Differences in their biographies do not reflect the value these writers bring to their stories, only the amount of self-disclosure. If you add your favorite pronouns to your profile, I'll use them. otherwise I use the gender neutral "she / she / hers".

Transit News: Better to dismantle by NewDem07 examines transit-related voting measures for 2020 in eight major cities. “With the agencies facing their worst crisis in history, with the number of drivers dropping by 90% in some places, I initially feared that voters would see no justification for a tax hike if the roads / rails were empty , especially in connection with their own economic problems. Instead, I was decently surprised when almost everyone was over, and often with solid margins. “NewDem07 joined in 2017 and posted two stories (one of which was saved).

A Christmas present for all of us from ClubRhino shares the author's delight in discovering this Barack Obama's new book, A Promised Land, is available on Audible and read by Obama himself. “I am a 57 year old white man from South Carolina who was born and raised here. Despite my admittedly dubious environment and the many intolerant beliefs of many people in the region I come from, Barack Obama was and is an inspiration to me. “ClubRhino joined in 2007 and has written nine stories (one of which was saved).

What is for dinner? v15.24: Cheers from Maine! von Abinold discusses cooking as a metaphor for life, with the implication that it's less about the ingredients and more about how you combine them. In the author's case, cooking led to alternative food procurement (dumpster diving) and ultimately a satisfactory minimalist life. "I live in a hut that was built in 1971 by an artist from the hinterland. Maine was the place to be if you were that hippie. "Back to the country" is difficult and the most failed … I don't have a "pantry". I only have one kitchen. My fridge is tiny, as is my stove. “Abinold, a graduate of the culinary school, joined in 2014 and has written 11 stories (one of which was saved).

The day we clogged the freeway – 2013 by PadreMellyrn is a first-hand account of a labor dispute which led the union to organize public protests. The protesters were looking for concessions that would have helped the patients, as well as nurses and janitors who were on the street, literally as protesters and figuratively as laid-off employees. "(D) The group of 20 people, including our President of the Union, went to the center of the intersection and sat down … First the police advised us to" go or be arrested "because we blocked the roadway, and that's where I need to remind people this is civil disobedience, yes they have the right to do that! … (but) Corporate Media found out that no one else would know about it if they did wouldn't give us airtime. They wanted more angry people. ”On PadreMellyrn's profile page it says“I used to work for the man but I'm fed up with the BS more than once so I'm retired for now, working on the house to keep it at home. " She joined in 2015 and has written 36 stories (three of which were saved).

The gift of silence von dratler highlights an important one politically There is silence right now: the almost total lack of chatter emanating from the president. Dratler ponders how that silence may have stalled legislation, and shares a surprising historical analogy for the past five years – kremlinology. “Reality is not overstated. It is the main concern of the sane. For four years (five, including the candidacy), our news media, our public thinkers, our Poles, and even our bureaucracy have focused on the pourings of a single self-possessed mind. Now you can focus on reality. “Dratler joined in 2016 and has written 76 stories (one of which was saved).

Contemporary Fiction Views: Some Favorites by bookgirl presents her "Best of 2020" list with 10 books that "Even in a year when it is difficult to focus on reading, overcame the obstacles to warm my heart and spark my imagination. “Bookgirl gives a brief summary of each book and links to an earlier story that discusses the book in more detail. “The world remains an unstable place and there are many crazy and bad guys out there. But it was a positive step for me to be able to read again, to balance everything and to find reserves to give the best in the world. "Bookgirl joined in 2008 and has written 241 stories (93 of which were saved). You are a" proud librarian and public school teacher who believes in reading far and deep. "

Saving our local restaurants can mean a sacrifice by ColoTim offers a vignette of pandemic life.
"We went to one of our favorite restaurants … to have an early dinner tonight. Estes Park only allows al fresco dining or take away. So we found ourselves dressing in layers and blankets for a meal should bring outdoors … We got stuck. It was the last ones out on the terrace sipping my snowy beer and my wife's watered martini. " ColoTim, who joined in 2006 and has written 304 stories (two of which were recently rescued), lives in Estes Park, Colo.

Life expectancy and public health from ArkDem14 discussed how These two complex topics are intertwined and use detailed data to analyze how they are combined in health policy. "(The The Blue Zones Project is a famous and well-funded project that is identifying "longevity zones" around the world, isolating key diet and lifestyle factors, and promoting them in the media. Blue Zones… are an influential label, and the project has numerous partnerships with civic organizations, nonprofits, and even businesses. The group does a lot of good work and highlights the role of urban planning, natural movement, sustainable and healthy eating. and the need for systematic changes in lifestyle and civic infrastructure in the interests of public health. However, I am concerned that the BZP … (politics) are too strongly shaped and distorted by an outdated value system that romanticizes the pastoral or agrarian rural way of life … ”. ArkDem14 joined in 2006 and has written 181 stories (16 of which were saved). "I am a writer and I am moderately liberal. I am convinced that we cannot give up in the south. I believe that socially conservative, economically populist people can still win elections there. "

A very small cider-based Solstice wonder von malapert offers exactly what the heading offers – an ode to the author's favorite cider. Delivery usually takes until Thanksgiving. It was especially long-lived this year, however, a minor miracle that Malapert regards as a sign. "(F)or a magical time that starts in September and ends in late November through early December … I can enjoy my vodka with Burrville cider. They make hands down the best cider I have ever tried. Northern children are raised with a love for cider and an appreciation for the good stuff. I've been drinking cider for sixty or more years. "Malapert joined in 2013 and has written 93 stories (one of which was saved). The author of two science fiction novels and over 50 short stories, lives on an island and is a wildlife rehabber.

For friends who are bereaved twice at Christmas time from Gaelsdottir explores the effects of tragedy on vacation, when happy memories and the expectation of joy heighten melancholy and sadness. She advises that "tears are the right sacrament" on a holiday and that "it is too early to think of comfort now. / Never be ashamed to cry." Gaelsdottir joined in 2018 and has written nine stories, six of which are poetry (one of which was saved).

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