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Sunday Night time Owls: Local weather hawks wonder if the Paris Settlement can be utilized for one thing higher

But five years after the Paris Pact was signed, the heady wine of global climate collaboration has been marred by the rogue relapse and, in the case of the United States, even by the withdrawal from the agreement. And effective climate protection measures were hindered by Fossil fuel propaganda continued and Attacks on science and facts and related economic policies such as Fossil Fuel Subsidies. Last but not least, a deadly global pandemic has brought global climate negotiations to a standstill.

At the same time, the urgency of implementing the agreement has increased as the effects of global warming have become more apparent and serious. In the five years since the agreement was signed, people have emitted another 200 gigatons of greenhouse gases. The five hottest years in existence have all passed since 2015, and Dozens of studies have shown clear links between warming and deadly climate extremes. (…)




“The diplomats did their job: they Paris An agreement points the world in the right direction and with sophistication and clarity. However, it does not ensure implementation, which necessarily remains the domain of politicians, business people, scientists, engineers and civil society. "
~~ Jeffrey Sachs, "
Let's welcome the Paris Agreement and get to work. " December 12, 2015



On Fox News this morning, GOP Senator Pat Toomey said of Trump that "he will be remembered for chaos, misery and erratic behavior" if he fails to sign the COVID-19 Relief Act.

So will he be remembered for sanity, compassion and good government after signing it?

– Victor Laszlo (@Impolitics) December 28, 2020

BLAST FROM THE PAST (Prove tonight that plus ça change plus c & # 39; est la même chose)

At Daily Kos that day in 2002– 800,000 unemployed workers lose benefits:

800,000 unemployed lose benefits::

Up to 800,000 unemployed Americans will lose their unemployment benefits on Saturday when a federal program that extends their benefits expires.

MERRY CHRISTMAS !, the good Christians in the White House say:

Daschle nails this:

The Republican leadership of the House turned its back on these families and refused to act, and the (Bush) administration decided not to intervene. This Republican inaction was incomprehensible then, and even more so today.

How does the GOP react to Diechle's death from criticism?

The White House and Republican leaders had no immediate response to the statement.

Ho ho ho!

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