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The Nashville bomber's girlfriend warned police that he can be constructing bombs on his RV in 2019

Attorney Raymond Throckmorton, who represented Warner and Perry respectively at one point, said he called the police to Perry's home on August 21, 2019 after receiving "suicide threats" from Perry on the phone. As reported by CBS News, Perry was transported for psychological evaluation. However, while the police were at their home, Throckmorton was present and told authorities that Warner "spoke frequently about the military and bombing". According to the report, he also told authorities that he "believes the suspect knows what he is doing and is able to build a bomb".

According to a police file report, Perry told authorities that Warner had "placed bombs in the trailer in his home." From there the police went to Warner's house – where he didn't open the door and they didn't seem to investigate any further. Why? There was no evidence of a crime. According to the report, at the time, officers saw the RV parked outside of Warner's apartment building but were unable to see or access it. The report found that surveillance cameras and cables were attached to the door of the RV.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department then forwarded the report to the FBI.

Warner's friend's report is particularly important because, as Slate points out, state authorities initially said after the explosion that they had no files on Warner. From their end, they had no idea he might be a threat. According to CBS, Warner's only arrest in the late 1970s was on a marijuana charge. However, according to this local police report, more than a year ago at least two people spoke about their specific concerns.

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