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Donald Trump is dashing again to Washington as a result of this coup isn’t just planning itself

Donald Trump is possibly the best delegator to ever occupy the White House. Granted, this task gets a lot easier if you just don't care about the result. There are few situations that require Trump's physical presence. (At least a few that aren't about getting in front of a camera.) So what's worth a quick trip back to Washington that leaves your Florida fans disappointed? Plan a coup.

According to CNN, Trump was "single-minded" during his stay in the south. Despite the nation's record levels of COVID-19 and hospitals overcrowded with 350,000 deaths, Trump is totally focused on one thing: how can he disrupt the January 6th electoral college vote in Congress?

Trump's record in court is now 1 to … it doesn't matter. All the Krakens are killed. The level of ridiculousness reached when Trump's team in Wisconsin filed a new lawsuit asking the state to send out a list of alternative voters if voters have already voted. That time is over. It's not the voters waiting in the box that Mike Pence will open on Jan. 6, just their votes – 306 of which are for Joe Biden.

However, according to CNN, Trump was "in the mood for most of the trip". And Trump seems confused about why Pence doesn't just break open the voting box, look inside, and declare Trump the winner. Not only has Trump retweeted calls to Pence to refuse to ratify the election vote, but he also backed a lawsuit by Rep. Louie Gohmert urging Pence to remove votes from enough states to bring Trump's 232 votes into one To make "profit".

Not only would that mean tossing tens of millions of votes from seven states in the dumpster – Pence just doesn't have that authority. His job next Wednesday is to open the box, and … that's pretty much it. The employees will count the vote. If, as it seems almost certain at this point, Republican members of the House and Senate join forces to object to the announced totals, Congress will vote on those objections.

During his time in Florida, Trump appears to have made many calls back from the fairway to Senators and Congressmen asking for their participation in this final program to overthrow democracy. Not only has he continuously discussed the January 6th date with anyone who would listen, Trump also tweeted to have his most obnoxious supporters gather in the capital for some "wild" time that day.

Even for a coup to overthrow a centuries-old republic, six full days in Washington seem like a huge strain for Trump. Is he really climbing back to Washington on Thursday to plan on what balcony he can best call himself a dictator for life? Could be. Or, it could be that Trump feels like he needs a few extra days to hit the totally browbeat pence and forget that he can't just ignore the election results when declaring the winner.

But to be honest, that's the good result. Given that Trump sent B-52 bombers on Wednesday to hack Iran, everyone should only hope that he pays enough attention to his plans for Wild Rumpus that he doesn't end up in a last-minute war.

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