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Biden's Secret Service element about together with trusted brokers as allies raises "issues" to others

This is an uncomfortable story in all directions. It can be unfair to slander a skilled worker in a deadly dangerous job. It may not be unfair, and there can really be issues within the agency that justify what nervous Biden allies fear.

In recent years it has been difficult to interpret the behavior of Trump's own intelligence details. Some members have quickly bowed to Trump's insistence that people around him not wear masks during the pandemic. There was no apparent setback, although Trump repeatedly infected members of his own security teams who were forced to attend clearly unsafe rallies and photo ops. You can put much of this aside as enforced neutrality, even in the face of danger, but then again: Despite the seemingly absolute need for the agency to remain politically neutral, a member of Trump's service has won for a top political position in the White House – a first of all, one remarkable situation – now you can return to the secret service, although you are pursuing your career as partisanly as possible. That agent, Trump's White House Deputy Chief of Staff Anthony Ornato, is not going to return to guard Biden. But he will return to a posh position at the agency's training center, the Post reports.

There's no word on whether the new curriculum will include organizing events where your ex-co-workers are exposed to a fatal illness because the president got bored with safety measures, but it seems like it is happening. Can you just return to a top job within the agency from there? "Really?" Huh.

In any case, Biden's security detail will show some of the faces who once guarded Biden as Vice President and whom Biden "knows well". But there will necessarily be some of the same faces that guarded Trump, and … boy, it's hard to know how that makes you feel.

On the one hand, these are people who have undoubtedly watched Trump commit or attempt crimes and have done nothing about them, which is why they take their work as neutral, invisible protectors very seriously. Biden could be sure he could do anything, including appointing the family dog ​​ambassador in Italy in exchange for a biscuit-based bribe, and his security detail would never let the arrangement run out. Law?

On the other hand, I think it's fair to naturally distrust anyone who has worked around Trump for so long, in such tight quarters, but never shoved him in a sack and drove him into the mountains for a while so that the The rest of us could rest for a moment. It's the Melania Rule: if you can stand being around the man, you might be pretty confused yourself.

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