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Tulsi Gabbard slams Democrats for eradicating gender language from home guidelines

Tulsi Gabbard beat up her own Democratic Party in an interview with Tucker Carlson for removing gender-specific language from official house rules.

Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi suggested deleting the language, instead explaining that only gender-neutral terms such as "parent", "child", "sibling" and "sibling of parents" are allowed.

The rule package was passed on Monday according to party-political standards.

Gabbard called the Democrats' removal of gender-specific language "the height of hypocrisy".

According to the representative of the Democrats, removing the language means “exactly the opposite” of empowering women.

"It is the height of the hypocrisy for people who claim to be the advocates for women's rights to deny the very biological existence of women," she said.

"It's mind-boggling because it shows how little contact there is with reality and the struggles of everyday Americans in Congress."

Tulsi Gabbard breaks the new house rules that free Tucker from "gender-specific language":

"It is the height of the hypocrisy for people who claim to be the advocates of women's rights to deny the biological existence of women."

– Daily caller (@DailyCaller) January 5, 2021

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Tulsi Gabbard Savages Democrats for rejecting gender science

It's not just the level of hypocrisy, it's the level of stupidity.

That was until Democratic MP Emanuel Cleaver embarrassed himself by ending an opening prayer for the 117th Congress with the words "Amen and Awoman."

This is the supposed party of science that denies not only biological but also etymological realities for non-gendered words like "amen".

Dem's open congress with a prayer ending "Amen and Madam". Amen is a Latin word that means "true" or "so be it". Awoman is a nonsense word that means nothing. Dems find a way to make everything stupid and nonsensical. Complete clowns, everyone.

– Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) January 3, 2021

Gabbard questioned the Democrats' priorities.

"Your first action at this new Congress could have been to ensure that older Americans can now get the COVID vaccine along with frontline health workers, older Americans with the highest death rates from this virus," she countered.

"But instead of doing something that could actually help save people's lives, they instead say, 'Well, you can't say mother or father in any of those congressional languages," Gabbard continued. "It's amazing."

The @ TulsiGabbard is there again. Speaking sense and stuff. # TuckerAndTulsi #Gender #TulsiGabbard

– Winfield Scott (@LtGenScott) January 5, 2021

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She has infuriated her fellow Democrats on this issue before

Gabbard was also with Tucker Carlson to discuss laws she put in place last month that would force the application of Title IX based on whether a person is assigned a woman at birth.

In other words, stop taking chances from female athletes by allowing biological men to compete in their sport or at their level.

Their legislation was “created out of the recognition that there is a biological distinction between men and women and boys and girls and … for this reason, a level playing field must be created for girls and women to compete and play in sport. "She explained.

My Protect Women & # 39; s Sports Act is science based. It ensures equality and ensures a level playing field for girls and women who compete against each other in sport. It confirms the original intent of Title IX, which was based on the general biological distinction between men and women by sex

– Tulsi Gabbard @ (@TulsiGabbard) December 11, 2020

"The reason our bill is necessary – to strengthen, clarify and maintain Title IX – is because of the things you are talking about," she told Carlson.

"Because there are people who try to undermine the reason why Title IX was introduced by denying my existence and denying the existence of biological women."

"It goes against common sense; it goes against established basic research," she concluded. "It just doesn't make sense."

Gabbard recently beat up Democrats for claiming their adherence to science was "transphobia".

"Let's face it, there are some people who oppose my bill … because they don't like Title IX at all, and they don't like Title IX because it is based on this recognition of the biological distinction between men and women," she argued.

Title IX is a historic law that changed everything for women and girls in a positive way. This video explains how and why I introduced the Women's Sports Protection Act to clarify, maintain and strengthen the original intent of Title IX and to ensure a level playing field for girls and women.

– Tulsi Gabbard @ (@TulsiGabbard) December 13, 2020

The Hawaiian Democrat also broke news in December by resisting her own party and introducing an amendment that was "born alive" and that protects infants who survive abortion.

Tulsi Gabbard also introduced a bill to protect infants who survive an abortion. I'm waiting for Tulsi to find out that she belongs to the GOP.

– Mary Rice Hasson (@maryricehasson) December 11, 2020

Gabbard did not seek re-election to Congress in 2020 and her seat will be occupied by Kai Kahele, who represents Hawaii's 2nd Congressional District.

Tulsi Gabbard should return to the political struggle and run for Republican – in the party to which she rightly belongs.

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