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Till Fox Information admits its position in dividing this land, we might by no means have the ability to heal

More recently, this agenda is evident in the use of racist language against Asians when talking about the novel coronavirus pandemic, the language used to describe protests against Black Lives Matter and the lack of language used to describe terrorists, who identify as white.

When protests against Black Lives Matter raged across the country that summer, Fox News host Tucker Carlson described protesters as "poison" and claimed that "the Rioters in Minneapolis and elsewhere are pretending to be allowed to loot and burn … Nobody will stop them. The authorities do not arrest her. Instead they rave about them, flatter them, desperately trying to win her love"Meanwhile, after Trump's terrorists took over the Capitol, Tucker called the group 'solid Americans' and found these people were frustrated.

The media must call terrorists for who they are, whether or not it is Anthony Quinn Warner (the Tennesse suicide bomber) or the Trump supporters who tried to achieve a coup on Wednesday.

Instead of using their platform to do what it was intended to – report the news – Fox took this opportunity to once again give biased and untrue comments to its viewers.

The truth is that agents like Fox, fueling people with misinformation and hatred that they claim are justified, our country would not be where it is today. Yes, Trump has consistently used misconstructed language and exaggerated the truth, but Fox News has also consistently amplified its lies.

Fox News continued its pattern of blaming someone else, portraying Trump supporters as peaceful individuals on Wednesday, completely ignoring the numerous incidents of Trump-induced violence in the country and again blaming the liberals as the cause of the chaos on Wednesday .

"We don't know who all instigated these terrible things that are happening today. I think a lot of them are the Antifa people," said Sarah Palin of Fox.


Laura Ingraham says the insurgents are "opposed to the MAGA movement" and "there are some reports that anti-fascist sympathizers may have been distributed in the crowd".

All three Fox Primetime Shows have now promoted this baseless rumor.

– Matthew Gertz (@MattGertz) January 7, 2021

All three of Fox's prime time shows spread the same lies and tales from "protesters", not rioters or terrorists, who occupied the Capitol to fight for their rights. Fox's rumors were repeated throughout the prime-time cast of Fox News on both Laura Ingrahams Show and Carlson's Show. They blamed others for the violence and not only spread misinformation, but also created opportunities for further violence. The shows even have Trump's refusal to condemn the violence – and his Statement that It is predicted that his ongoing claims that the election was "stolen" – which is positive – will encourage more violence.

"There are 75 million people who voted for President Trump and they are scared. They worry about what the future of this country will be. They are confused. They are broken that their candidate did not win. And they don't want to be forgotten, "said Ainsley Earnhardt of Fox & Friends.

When officials spoke of the prosecution of these terrorists, who not only attacked media representatives and threatened members of Congress, but also damaged the Capitol, Fox News took the opportunity to further provoke Trump supporters and tell them that their rights were threatened.


Tucker Carlson is saying that the government will "use" what happened today to "rob" people of their rights. All of your freedoms "are at risk," he tells his audience. WHAT DOES FOX NEWS DO?

– Brandy Zadrozny (@BrandyZadrozny) January 7, 2021

Fox News' language has had dire consequences. Their dissemination of misinformation not only leads to violence against journalists and legislators, but also against color communities.

Within four weeks of the launch of Stop AAPI Hate, an online product, in March Anti-Asian Bias TrackerNearly 1,500 cases of violence against Asian Americans have been reported. Months later, the website continues to receive reports of discrimination and violence, including assault and denial of access to public spaces.

According to Media affairs, Fox & Friends intentionally used and advocated the use of the term "Wuhan Virus" as opposed to "the coronavirus" on his March 6th show. Additionally, transcript searches have found combinations of "Wuhan", "Chinese" and "China" using "coronavirus", "virus" or "flu". Media Matters noted that Carlson himself used the terms for Fox 43 out of the 144 times they were used on the air.


Pete Hegseth of Fox News, who just can't seem to help himself:

"Tell me, Tucker. Wuhan virus, Chinese virus, maybe even the kung flu!"

– Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) May 22, 2020

"To be very clear, calling a virus from Wuhan the 'Wuhan virus' is not xenophobia but accuracy, and anyone who says otherwise is lying, and probably for a reason," Carlson said an incident.

Fox News is a real fake, and to be believable it has to be clear that words matter.

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