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Trump's Pentagon officers appear more and more complicit in a lethal critical coup try

On Wednesday we saw pictures of brothers whirling around and grinning as they put their feet on a desk in Nancy Pelosi's office or carried away a lectern. Since then, we've seen more evidence of how many were wearing tactical gear and moving in a coordinated manner, from members of hate groups at the Capitol in preparation for severe violence.

"That was a well-trained group of militia terrorists who attacked us, "a black officer who has been with the Capitol Police for more than a decade told BuzzFeed. “They had radios, we found them, they had radios and earphones. They had bear spray. You had lightning strikes … you were prepared. You strategically place two IEDs, pipe bombs, in two different locations. These guys were trained in the military. Many of them were former military personnel. "

Every detail shows how serious this was and how seriously the government should take it. This is not the case, as Trump-appointed Pentagon officials give the coup a name that actively downplays it and, which cannot be overstated, law enforcement has failed to provide a briefing of the kind that would be perfectly standard after a major event .

A Republican member of Congress who condemned the coup attempt alleged that some of his Republican counterparts voted to reverse the election results out of fear for themselves and their families. “One of the saddest things is that I had colleagues who, when the time came to see the reality and vote for Arizona and Pennsylvania certification in Electoral College, knew from the bottom of their hearts that they would have been voting for certification but some had legitimate concerns about the safety of their families. They felt that this vote would put their families at risk, ”said MP Peter Meijer.

But even if that's true, it is a reason to act firmly now before it gets worse. They will have no less to fear if they let Trump's insurrection grow further.

The weekend also brought news of another attempt by Trump to force an official to reverse Georgia's election results. But one amazing thing this weekend was that after Trump's permanent Twitter lock on Friday night, we didn't get Trump's moods and whims all weekend. It's strange and disoriented, to be honest, but also liberating and wonderful.

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