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US Capitol Police in ruins after assault, undermined from inside

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund resigned Sunday. He has said that he was turned down by both House NCOs and Senate officers (who have also resigned) when he tried to get the National Guard forces ready. The immediate problem, however, is the fact that there are members of his armed forces who at least sympathize with the insurgents.

"The department has also actively reviewed videos and other open source materials from some USCP officials who appear to be violating the department's rules and guidelines," said then-incumbent Capitol chief Yogananda Pittman in a statement on Monday, Becoming Professional Responsibility Investigate these behaviors for disciplinary action up to and including termination. "One of the suspended officers was in a picture that went viral after the attack," posing for a rioter to snap a picture with the officer. "

Another suspended officer wearing a red "MAGA" hat was photographed while the rioters surrounded the building, according to Rep. Tim Ryan, whose committee is in charge of the financial oversight of the Capitol Police. "A video captured during the chaos appears to show an officer wearing a MAGA cap and leading a line of men in black helmets and body armor as they leave the Capitol to a crowd of applauding rioters. It's unclear whether other men behind him are officers or rioters. ”Another officer who spoke to the Post said the rioters had put the cap on the policeman, a black man, and he kept wearing it to persuade the mob to bring him to help get out surrounded fellow officers. "He was basically using these two whites to get his people out of the way," the official told the Post. "If it hadn't been for them, these guys wouldn't have come out."

There are definitely heroic Capitol cops, first and foremost officer Eugene Goodman, another black officer who may have saved the U.S. Senate by baiting the mob away from the entrance a minute before that chamber was sealed to move to the Senate Chamber.

Then there is the officer who is currently being investigated by the secret service. The official posted comments on his Facebook page the day after the siege accusing lawmakers of confirming Biden's victory as "treason committed on live television" and said, "Good morning patriots! It started beautifully yesterday, and Antifa, as always, spoiled the mood and attacked the police and an Air Force veteran was murdered … It
s OPEN time finally !! "

Two fellow officers are dead, one killed by the crowd and one by suicide after the attack. Another gave up his gun and asked for medical leave for fear of possible self-harm. An official who spoke anonymously to the Post said the force was demoralized and felt betrayed by its leadership. They were not "prepared at all" and were essentially powerless to face the crowd. "In my time as an officer we have never failed as miserably as we did on this day," said the officer. "We have been failed by our management. … We have been put in a situation where we had to fail. … It's like trying to climb Mount Everest and they give you slippers."

The Capitol Police have now issued dire warnings that another siege of the Capitol by Trump's mob is planned. And now, right now, the FBI and Justice Department are going to hold a press conference about last week's mob, the first public statements after the disclosure that the FBI was aware of the mob's planned violence last week.

Perhaps this time, before the inauguration and the promised coup attempts in the next eight days, they will be ready to take the necessary measures to prevent further bloodshed. Because the Capitol Police are unable to deal with what's coming.

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