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New steel detectors in Congress are additionally recognizing the legitimacy of Republicans

Reporters saw groups of Republican House members just walk around the metal detectors or set off the alarm and just get their way. In one case, HuffPost's Matt Fuller tweeted, “Another member – I think it was Russ Fulcher – just got through. He went through the metal detector, triggered it, met a police officer, and then pushed past her. "

Respect for the police just streamed from these members (that was sarcasm): "Reps Markwayne Mullin and Steve Womack broke out on the Capitol Police when they were forced to go through the magazines. Womack shouted "I was physically restrained!" And Mullin said "It's my fundamental right" and "You can't stop me," tweeted Manu Raju on CNN.

MP Greg Steube went upstairs to describe the metal detectors as an "atrocity" and "horrific" act.

"Notice America," he said. "That's something to look forward to in the Joe Biden administration." And this is where the point that several Democrats raised comes into play.

"Don't these people understand that literally everyone else has to go through metal detectors to get in here?" Rep. Don Beyer tweeted. “Average citizens are not allowed to bring guns into the United States Capitol during normal times. Overcome yourself. "

As MP Cori Bush said on MSNBC: “First, let's talk about your job. Let's just look at it from the simplest level. If you work at McDonald & # 39; s you must wear the uniform or you won't work today! Wherever you are, if you are told to do this, you have to do this or you are not working. I don't know, have you ever had a job? "

She continued, “How do you get on a plane? You have to say this is against your rights? Are you rushing through and not going through the metal detectors before getting on the plane? In doing so, they try to push the limits as much as possible. "

All us encounter times in our life we ​​have to go throughugh metal detectors or other security. Lots and lots of high school stuDents in this Co.untry encounter that every day. B.ut this repuThe members of Congress are so justified and spoiled and in love with their self-image as victims that they believe they stand above it – even after a severe attack on their workplace that threatens more violence.

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