Marjorie Taylor Greene is feeling simply as unhealthy as you’d count on for a COVID-19 outbreak within the secure room

The smug contempt for public health echoes Greene's ingenious insistence that "healthy people don't spread COVID" and "COVID-positive people spread COVID". In particular, since one Democrat after another has tested positive since their prolonged exposure to the anti-masked Republicans, the Republicans didn't run negative tests to show that they couldn't have been.

Politico's Sarah Ferris said 15 Republicans will likely be quarantined after their time in the security room after filing letters of attorney for voting purposes. They just don't post it as it wouldn't be a news item.

Greene has repeatedly referred to her negative test on Jan. 4, but as Donald Trump found out in his own case of the virus, a negative test one day does not offer permanent protection.

Democratic Reps Pramila Jayapal, Bonnie Watson Coleman, and Brad Schneider all tested positive, attributing this to their time in the safe space. Watson Coleman is a 75-year-old cancer survivor.

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