The rehearsal for Biden's opening ceremony has been postponed for someday for safety causes

Security concerns have resulted in the rehearsal for President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration ceremony being postponed for a day.

“It will take place on Monday, is the current schedule. The Secret Service is responsible for running this schedule, but this is done in collaboration with the Biden team and it was their decision to postpone a day, ”Ken Cuccinelli, assistant secretary of homeland security, told CNN's John Berman.

"The decision was made to postpone a day and put the Secret Service in place and have the entire team across metropolitan Washington ready to respond that day if necessary," he continued.

Cuccinelli noted that there are "no credible threats" so far and that the threats there are little more than "online chatters".

"We certainly agree that there is a lot of online chatter. It's not just about Washington, by the way. There are also talks about state capitals, but they are very unspecific," he said.

Yesterday, an official familiar with the discussions announced that the National Mall would be closed to the public on inauguration day. The President-elect's advisors intend to make the event virtual, although Biden has said he has no problem taking the oath of office outside of it.

Biden and his team were briefed on the violence potential of extremist groups in connection with the attack on the Capitol last week. President Donald Trump instigated the uprising that led groups of his supporters to stir up in the Capitol to reverse the results of the 2020 election, which Biden decisively won. The president was charged – for the second time during his tenure – with incitement to insurrection. A date for a trial against the Senate has not yet been set.

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