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Trump's assist is falling as he instigated violence within the Capitol

But while the Trump questions largely collapsed politically, an overwhelming majority, 89%, said they were against the actions of the rioters who stormed the Capitol last week – 80% said they were "strongly" against it. Only 8% of those surveyed supported the Capitol attack.

When asked if they believe there is "solid evidence" of Trump's allegation of electoral fraud, 31% said yes, while 62% said there was no solid evidence.

A poll published by the Pew Research Center on Friday found that Trump had the lowest job approval rate ever recorded in the poll at 29%. Those who rate Trump's behavior as "fair" or "poor" since the election now stand at 76% (62% bad / 14% fair), an 8 point increase since November. ""Trump voters in particular are more critical of the behavior of their candidates after the elections. The percentage of his followers who describe his behavior as bad has doubled from 10% to 20% in the past two months, "Pew writes.

Now 64% of Americans have been positive about Joe Biden's behavior since he won the election. The majority also approves of his cabinet selection and how he has spoken about his further policy.

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