The far-right get together is planning the Million Militia March on Sunday, however confusion over technique casts doubts

The plans for "Round 2" appeared in Posts within hours of the initial siege of the Capitol on January 6th. About a day later, the first announcement appeared on the now defunct right-wing social media site Parler from an account linked to the authoritarian QAnon cult, which announced a "million militia march" for January 17th. It read:

Millions of American militias will meet in Washington, DC on January 20, 2021 to prevent the treacherous domestic enemy Joe Biden or any other member of the Communist Organized Crime organization known as the Democratic Party from joining the Democratic Party of the White House We The People.

In the event that the judiciary is miraculously served and our re-elected President Donald J. Trump is sworn in, the President, the capital, and our national monuments will be protected from the demonstrably violent left-wing insurgents who declared war on the United States America and have committed a massive insurrection in the United States of America.

At about the same time, a scheduled inauguration day event called "Million Martyr March" – in honor of Ashli ​​Babbitt, the woman who was shot while trying to storm house chambers during the Siege of the Capitol – was held on Parler. promoted. The contribution to promoting the event appeared shortly after the militia event was announced with a flyer with a logo and text (“On January 6th, an unarmed woman was shot in the capital of our nation. Two weeks after her death we will march to demand justice for all Americans ”) Babbitt's name misspelled as it happened. The march appears to be largely a complement to Sunday's larger militia event.

The Parler posters, which supported the Million-Militia March, freed from the constraints of mainstream platforms, were not remorseful in their open calls for insurgent violence. In one post, a self-described "retired colonel" boasted that the Sunday march, and possibly others in the days that followed, would be impressive in its size.

"If we have to, many of us will return with our weapons on January 19th to support our nation's resolve that the world will never forget," he wrote. “We will come in numbers that no standing army or police department can compete with. However, the police are not our enemy unless they choose to! "

He added, "Anyone who won't stand with the American Patriots … or who can't stand with us … then this would be a good time for you to take a few days off."

Some of the supporters of the Million-Militia March dismissed state-level protests at best as a diversion, and disgraceful false flag government operations designed to seduce unsuspecting “patriots”. "Do not take part in armed protests in state capitals before the inauguration! Possible sinister conspiracy by the radical left to take away gun rights!" A post in a Telegram chat room that was read on the far right.

A Washington Post report In organizing the events online, a study by the anti-disinformation organization Althea Group was cited, which examined the wide range of discussions by far-right groups after January 6, and found that some of the insurgents “take all of the above approach too.

"REFUSAL OF SILENCE", it says in an online article, in which an "ARMED MARCH ON CAPITOL HILL & ALL STATE CAPITOLS" is demanded for Sunday. Another advocated action at "DC & All State Capitols" signed by "common people tired of being trespassed" declaring, "We have been warned!"

Mark Pitcavage of the Anti-Defamation League told the Associated Press that the DC events are unlikely to attract a large crowd. In both cases, failure to agree on strategy seems to water down both state and DC protests.

As a Politico Tina Nguyen and Mark Scott Explain that the organizational efforts of the far right, and efforts to counter them, are hampered by the chaotic and decentralized nature of pro-Trump forces on the internet. The posts advocating and organizing the events aren't restricted to Telegram – which has become a major hub thanks to the 25 million new users gained since the mainstream right-wing platforms were purged last week – but also in such predictable locations as a right-wing extremist platform as well as on unexpected platforms like TikTok.

TikTok videos of influencers wearing the Three Percenters logo and referring to the anti-government militia movement are fueling future protests – and even posting videos of them collecting ammunition and weapons while playing doctor audio that is on Trump suggests wanting to target his Vice President Mike Pence.

Mysterious videos of military personnel walking through American cities have also gone viral on Gab and Telegram, two fringe networks haunted by white nationalist and other extremist groups, with social media users either questioning whether such activity Part of support for Donald Trump's presidency or government efforts to restrict people's constitutional rights.

Underneath much of these pro-militia videos about Tik Tok is an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory that martial law is imminent in America. According to Media Matters, the TikTok hashtag "MartialLaw" has over 26 million views, while a similar hashtag "MartialLawIsComing" has drawn over 1.1 million viewers. For both hashtags, the top videos contain “panic-inducing misinformation about martial law”.

The confusion has spread some fluctuating commitments on the part of the participants. Politico Remarks that the far-right militia group Boogaloo Bois originally organized its own event for Sunday, but then tried to cancel it. They warned that the “mainstream headlines” had attracted too much attention, yet encouraged all demonstrators that day to bring guns to Washington, despite the city's well-known ban on openly carrying guns: “If you can legally carry them You can wear, "you claimed.

Some great right-wing extremists throw up their arms and run away from all of these events. They explain in a typically paranoid manner that both the state level protests and the DC protests are “Deep State” negotiations to draw “patriots” into criminal behavior for whom they can be arrested, or left-wing “antifa” “Planners who hope MAGA followers will look bad. One of the leading voices in this contingent is Alex Jones from Infowars.

“Do not go into the capital armed, do not take part in the demonstrations on January 20th. It's run by the globalists, ”Jones warned on Tuesday. "There's no secret plan to overthrow things, so Trump wins. All you're doing is cementing things as domestic terrorists so Biden can cement a new Patriot Act and join you."

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