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This suburban Chicago seat switched from Trump to Biden two years after turning offended blue

This spread was similar to Biden's 50:48 win, but this was Biden's biggest district-level improvement in the state over Hillary Clinton's performance four years ago when she lost the 14th to Donald Trump 49:45. As a sign of how much things have changed, this district's predecessor, also the 14th, was once held by a child molester and former Republican House spokesman Denny Hastert, before moving to the 2006 elections after the GOP died out resigned.

Biden also experienced a sizeable leap in the neighboring 6th District, one rung closer to the city of Chicago, which the Democrats also took in in 2018. That seat is now all but out of reach for Republicans, however: Biden won it by a sizable 52-43 margin after Clinton wore it 50-43. Democratic MP Sean Casten secured a second term with a similar 53:45 win.

Democrats were less successful in the one Illinois district targeted by external groups in 2020, the 13th in the central part of the state. While Trump's lead dipped slightly from 50-44 to 51-47, Republican MP Rodney Davis defeated Democrat Betsy Dirksen Londrigan with 54-46, which was significantly better than his narrow escape of 50.4-49.6 in her first match two years earlier.

However, Team Blue was fortunate enough to avoid a major humiliation in the 17th District in the northwest of the state. That seat is occupied by former DCCC chairman Cheri Bustos, who was re-elected just 52-48 against an unannounced Republican opponent, Esther Joy King, after Super-PACs on both sides put money into the race just before election day. But Bustos actually ran at the top of the ticket as Trump finished 17th again, this time by a 50:48 lead – a slight increase over his 47.4-46.6 win in 2016. With Biden, the freaking the 6th district, he leaves Bustos as the only member of the Illinois delegation representing a district promoted by the opposing party's presidential candidate.

Biden's 57-41 national win was very similar to Clinton's 55-38 win, but his success in the suburbs was offset by a drop in the Latino and Black areas of Chicago. The district that saw the biggest drop was 4th, a Latin-majority seat represented by Democratic MP Chuy Garcia, which Biden won 81-17 against 82-13 for Clinton. Similar break-ins took place in the 1st and 7th, which are predominantly black. Biden still won each of those counties in a huff, but his weaker performance reflects a similar slump in the Black and Latino neighborhoods in other states.

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