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Virginia man arrested at residential checkpoint with gun and unauthorized ID

Members of the National Guard stop a vehicle at a checkpoint in Washington, DC on January 16, 2021.

Joe Raedle | Getty Images News | Getty Images

A Virginia man who presented an unauthorized housewarming pass to police at a checkpoint along the perimeter that secured downtown Washington, DC prior to inauguration day, was arrested after a gun and hundreds of rounds of ammunition were found in his vehicle had been.

Front Royal's Wesley Allen Beeler stopped at a security checkpoint on North Capitol Street and E Street Northwest around 6:30 p.m. Friday in a white Ford 150 truck with Virginia labels and gun-related decals.

The truck Beeler drove was adorned with firearm decals, including those that read "Assault Life" and "If they come for your guns, give them your bullets first."

Police say Beeler presented an unauthorized ID. Authorities did not immediately provide further details of what kind of documentation Beeler was alleged to be trying to provide.

When the ID did not match a list of people authorized to enter the dedication area, US Capitol police officers conducted further searches.

A gun with a high-capacity magazine and ammunition was found in the vehicle, police said. The gun was not registered in Washington, police said.

Police say they also found "509 9-MM cartridges of hollow point and bullet ammunition" and 21 12-gauge shotgun cartridges.

Beeler was arrested and taken to the US Capitol Police headquarters for processing.

Beeler is accused of possessing a hidden weapon with an unregistered firearm, illegal possession of ammunition, and possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device, according to DC police.

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