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Don't hand over but to mermaid the filibuster – there may be hope!

"I actually see a lot of hope," he said. “There will be a problem that forces the question, right. It will be a problem that Democrats cannot afford to give up. "

The progressive game book, in Jentleson's view, is to wait for this problem and then endorse it as a must. "I think people need to focus their eyes on getting results. This is not a blow to the Republicans, this is not a takeover," he said. "This is about senators who are elected by the people in their states and who produce results for those people."

My conclusion was that arguing with Republicans about Senate rules is the wrong thing to do. Let the Republicans argue about the rules. We will argue that voters sent Democrats to Washington to deliver for them and the American people. If Republicans are to keep using the filibuster to torpedo progress, it must be neutralized in order to produce results for the American people. This could be due to something as common as the inclusion of $ 2,000 in direct payments in Biden's stimulus package.

Jentleson also said he believes the elimination of the filibuster has the support of 40 Democrats after spending over a decade watching Senate Republicans abuse their power, both minority and majority. In fact, Jentleson believes the whip list consists of only three people, including Sens. Joe Manchin from West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona.

"For me this is a good starting point," he said. "For me that is an achievable goal." Here is Jentleson:

I am optimistic because I think that even someone like Sen. Manchin will likely soon be faced with a very clear choice at some point next year, whether to reform the Senate rules or reform the filibuster or get rid of it or do nothing – and im Basically abandoning Biden's agenda in the middle of 2021.

I think most Democrats will basically decide that they came here to get things done – to do big things – this could be our last time we have had uniformed control of the government in a long time. So I think events will turn this on its head, and ultimately I am optimistic that Democrats will choose to do the right thing.

At the beginning of the show, Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz spoke to us about the Senate Democrats' plans for their majority. The filibuster conversation with Jentleson (which I recommend!) Starts in almost exactly 39 minutes. Bottom up!

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