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Biden is predicted to ask Normal Surgeon Adams to resign

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to call on Surgeon General Jerome Adams to resign after he was sworn in later today. This is seen as further evidence of the new administration's decision to break away from the Trump administration's Covid-19 response.

Biden has nominated Vivek H. Murthy, the surgeon general under Barack Obama, for this role. Murthy is a close advisor to the president-elect. Senate confirmation hearings for Murthy are not yet scheduled, although the Senate is working quickly to hold hearings for other potential members of the Biden cabinet.

Outgoing President Donald Trump sacked Murthy in 2017, a move that angered Democrats.

"The surgeon general must remain independent and free from political pressure," wrote the Senate Democrats in a letter shortly after Murthy's release.

Adams was a public face of Trump's coronavirus reaction and contradicted the president despite ignoring the recommendation of health experts.

For example, Adams was solid over the summer The transmission rate of the novel coronavirus needs to be reduced before schools can consider reopening.

"We know the risk to actual students is small," Adams told CBS This Morning at the time. “But we know that you can pass on to others. … We must take steps to ensure that we protect those who are at risk, either because of their age or because of chronic illness. "

Trump had campaigned for schools to reopen, arguing that the shutdown of the economy would be disastrous even if the number of cases skyrocketed in states that refused to enforce lockdown measures.

Adams initially downplayed the pandemic, however. He was criticized by experts after comparing it to the flu, claiming that face masks were not effective in containing the spread of the virus.

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