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MyPillow CEO is crying out for persecution for dropping giant retailers

For example, Dominion Voting Systems, the company defamed by right-wing misinformation, has reportedly sent a letter to Lindell threatening a lawsuit for promoting the misinformation that their systems were being used to investigate a historic fraud in America Maintain publicity. Like a good charlatan, Lindell overthrows the government, doubles up, and shares the news with CBS “I want you to sue me. You're welcome. Because I have all the evidence, 100%. I want all of the American people and the world to see the terrible things these (Dominion Voting) machines are capable of, and what they have done to our country and what – they allow other countries to steal our elections and only ours Hijack elections. ”

Two smiles that mean Zilch

NBC News asked Mr. Lindell to "evidence" the impending lawsuit from Dominion and Mikey Pillows. NBC reports that Lindell sent them an email stating "a page of evidence" claimed by MyPillow.

There was no attachment in the email. When asked if he accidentally left it out, Lindell sent another email with an empty attachment and a third with screenshots of illegible text.

Lindell has long been a supporter of Fox News' lies. The fact that he has gone forward to become so actively seditious as to help overthrow our government cannot be matched. In the past year, Lindell really began to step out of the shell of his scam and crouch COVID-19 therapeutics made from snake oil.

Forbes reports that one of the groups charged with punishing Lindell's fraud in the market is Sleeping Giants, who “have Also campaigned for Walmart, Amazon and Lowe to run out of MyPillow products. "

Enjoy Seth Meyers making fun of what else could make you cry.

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