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Democrats don't play McConnell's recreation on Filibuster

It seems like "doing shit" is a takeaway for Democrats. Giving in to McConnell and taking away the potentially necessary tool to get this shit done "would be just the wrong way to start," said Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal. "We have to have the kind of strength that enables us." Get things done. "But that still leaves the Senate at a dead end when it comes to moving the organization forward. For example, the three brand new Democratic Senators who were sworn in on Wednesday cannot be assigned to committees until an organizational resolution is in place, which slows the hearings down Committees that run the process of approving Biden's cabinet.

McConnell doesn't want Biden to succeed. He doesn't want Democrats to screw up because, as always, he's looking to the next election and regaining his majority. To this end, he prevents Biden from forming his government. He uses the same tool that white supremacist senators used generations ago to fight abolition and then civil rights legislation. How little changes.

If it comes down to it, the Democrats can go ahead and get rid of the Filibuster now. McConnell has delayed this organizational resolution. When it comes down to it, they can use what has been dubbed Reid precedent when Majority Leader Harry Reid installed a simple majority to overturn a Senate MP decision and end the filibuster on President Barack Obama's candidates for lower court. They could organize by a simple majority, with the help of Vice President Harris, if McConnell compels them.

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