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Joe Biden has simply fired Trump's anti-union NLRB lawyer

Joe Biden immediately made it clear that he would be the most union-friendly president in years by getting rid of Trump's anti-union NLRB General Counsel.

Dave Jamieson, HuffPo Labor Reporter, tweeted:

NEW: The White House official confirmed for me that Joe Biden has just fired Peter Robb after refusing to step down as General Counsel of the NLRB.

– Dave Jamieson (@jamieson) January 21, 2021

For those who haven't followed up, this sets a new precedent. The unions wanted Robb to be gone immediately – they think he's so bad – but the Gen Counsel usually serves his full 4 year term, even if he moves into a new presidency. Background here:

– Dave Jamieson (@jamieson) January 21, 2021

There was great fear within the agency too, among lawyers who hated the restructuring Robb was going through. I've spoken to a few over the past few years. They felt it was getting tougher to pursue big cases and fulfill the mission of protecting collective bargaining rights.

– Dave Jamieson (@jamieson) January 21, 2021

Trump has tried to pile the executive with his loyalists and lackeys, but Joe Biden has immediately shown that he will not tolerate their possible sabotage of his administration. The Trump loyalists have a choice. You can either resign or be fired.

Joe Biden doesn't need a stupid "Deep State" conspiracy or other nonsense. People like Robb, who have been promoted to high-level positions to undermine the parts of government they are supposed to help, have no place in the Biden administration.

The previous president was a pretend tough guy who was afraid of firing someone, but Joe Biden is quick to show a back of steel and toughness that's been missing for four years.

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