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Pleasure Behar comes unglued – says Trump "made it his enterprise to rape this nation for 4 years"

Joy Behar has spent the past four years railing against Donald Trump and his supporters in one of the most hideous ways imaginable. Though Thursday was the day Trump left office, Behar had resumed her old tricks as she had one of her worst insults against him, outrageously claiming he had "made it his business to rule this country for four years rape".

Behar comes unglued

"I'm worried about my grandchild, you know, I only have one grandchild and one daughter," said Behar. "There are people without children who are less concerned about the environment. I know them. They just say," Well, I won't be here. "Well, I won't be here either, but my little Luca will be here and I want him to drink the water and breathe the air. "

“Joe Biden has already done a few things by going back to the Paris Agreement and terminating the Keystone pipeline. He has other things on his agenda that he will do to fix the environment, ”Behar continued. “This man, this Trump, he made it his business to rape this country for four years. It's disgusting and I'm so happy to have someone back to look after the kids. "

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Behar attacks Trump supporters

This is far from the first time these women have shamed Trump and the millions of people who voted for him. Shortly after the November election, Behar attacked Trump voters, saying they need to "look in the mirror" and see what they did.

“Many people in this country need to have a moment where they come to Jesus and look in the mirror and see what they have done,” said Behar. "Again, we don't call names, but look in the mirror and say," Did I choose because of my paperback and ignore the fact that children are separated from their parents? "

"I voted because I don't want blacks to move to the suburbs and ignore the fact that blacks in this country are always behind the eight ball and can't get a leg up because of my vote?" She added. "People have to look in the mirror."

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This piece was written by James Samson on January 23rd, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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