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Trump continued to sink within the Indianapolis suburbs, however not far sufficient to provide the Democrats the important thing

The Democrats had hoped that Trump's toxicity in the suburbs would allow them to flip the open 5th district, including the northern Indianapolis area. Mitt Romney had taken that spot between 57 and 41 in 2012, but Trump performed weaker between 53 and 41 in 2016, despite performing better nationwide. Trump continued to lose ground in this historically red area last year, but still won 50-48, while Republican colleague Victoria Spartz was a bit ahead of the ticket and beat Democrat Christina Hale 50-46. The Republicans will control the redistribution process and will likely try to prop up Spartz.

The House Republicans had no problem holding the other six Trump seats. The next race in the presidential race was the 2nd District in north-central Indiana, where Trump's 59-39 win was only slightly less than his 59-36 performance last time, while Rep. Jackie Walorski won her fifth term, 61-39. Trump surpassed 60% of the vote in his remaining five seats in both 2016 and 2020.

In contrast, Biden won the two Democratic seats Clinton took in 2016. The 1st District in the northwest corner of the state supported Biden 54-45, which was slightly narrower than Clinton's 54-42, but Frank Mrvan won his open seat race from a stronger 57-40. Rep. Andre Carson's Indianapolis-based 7th Ward went in the opposite direction, backing Biden 63-35 after going for Clinton 59-36.

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