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Congressional Democrats are pushing for the primary minimal wage enhance in additional than 10 years

Under the law, the minimum wage would hit $ 15 in 2025 and then – and don't underestimate how exciting that part is – indexed to median wage growth so that the minimum wage doesn't get stuck for another 12 years as Republicans regain power to stand in the way. Instead, under the Wage Increase Act, once the minimum wage reaches $ 15, workers would receive small, regular increases so their wages would not steadily lag behind the cost of food and housing.

The minimum wage for tipped workers has been $ 2.13 since 1991, and other groups eligible for a minimum wage include youth workers and workers with disabilities. These groups would also gradually hit the full minimum wage, which is another strength of this bill – and something that industry groups will throw at a bunch of lobbyists to get them out of the bill.

And expect a ton of money to either beat that bill or dilute it dramatically. One very powerful argument on the hike side – one that can be used against fluctuating Democrats, or possibly even a tiny number of Republicans – is that the $ 15 minimum wage is popular. Popular as in more than 60% of Florida voters who approved a minimum wage of $ 15 at the same time as Donald Trump. This isn't just a deep blue thing members of the Swing District House should fear. It's giving many people a big hike ahead of the 2022 elections – to $ 9.50 an hour in 2021 (especially on the first day of the third month after the legislation comes into effect) and to $ 11 an hour later. The last few years have seen a number of minimum wage victories through electoral measures. It's time for Congress to unite, and that means Republicans get out of the way of the Senate.

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