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Harmful, worrying claims have been uncovered repeatedly in Marjorie Taylor Greene's social media historical past

At another point, as Media Matters describes it, she advocated "a conspiracy theory that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was videotaped during a satanic ritual to murder a child and then ordered a police officer to cover it up." Apparently this is a theory people have because … disagreeing on politics is not enough?

Those posts and likes from Greene aren't in the distant past, to be clear. It's in 2018 and 2019. And it's not the first outrageous, highly dangerous, dangerous social media activity we've seen of her.

Greene responded to the discoveries with a non-refusal: "Over the years, teams have managed my pages from teams. Many posts were liked. Many posts were shared. Some did not share my views. Especially those that CNN will broadcast on the internet. “Okay, Marjorie. So come out and tell us in detail which of these things you don't support.

This is someone who has incited violence against Democrats since joining Congress and who is suspected of helping plan the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. So yeah, we're going to need details on what part of the killing of the House Speaker and hanging the former President and Secretary of State she doesn't really like.

Greene then formally attacked people who criticized her for literally advocating the assassination attempt. When Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock (that's his Twitter handle and it's fabulous) described her social media positions as "dangerous and unacceptable", Greene attacked him for supporting abortion rights and concluded: "Pastor" being a heretic is far worse than false news. “When former FBI agent Peter Strzok tweeted about her, Greene's reaction was predictable.

Greene should be expelled from Congress. Until then, she's the problem of the minority leader of the House, Kevin McCarthy, and according to his spokesmanThese comments are deeply troubling and Leader McCarthy plans to speak to the Congresswoman about them. " Yes. Does it seem like McCarthy is the guy who's going to have the tough conversation that makes Greene pull back? It is more likely that he will get out of this conversation. QAnon-curious.

Greene won't stop adopting dangerous conspiracy theories. But the House could make sure she stopped taking up dangerous conspiracy theories within Congress by evicting them, and it is becoming increasingly clear that it needs to be done.

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