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Did the Proud Boys know that their chief, Enrique Tarrio, was a police informant? You do it now

However, in an interview with Reuters on Tuesday, Tarrio denied working undercover and providing information about others. "I don't know about this," he said, referring to what was shared in the transcript. "I don't remember anything."

According to the protocol, both the prosecutor and the defense lawyer of Tarrio called for a reduction in Tarrio's prison declaration because of his involvement as an informant. While Tarrio acknowledged the reduction in his sentence from 30 to 16 months, he insisted that it be taken because he and his co-defendants had clarified questions about their own case.

Regarding a smuggling case, Jeffrey Feiler, Tarrio's attorney, said that Tarrio “met in an undercover role at his own risk and negotiated to pay $ 11,000 to members of that ring in order to recruit fictional family members from another country. ”

Strangely enough, not only do the court files contradict Tarrio's rejection, but also statements by the federal prosecutor's office.

"He worked with local and federal law enforcement agencies to help prosecute people who run other, separate criminal businesses, from running marijuana grow houses in Miami to running pharmaceutical fraud programs," affirmed Prosecutor Vanessa Singh Johannes to Reuters.

Tarrio gained public attention after becoming national chairman of the Proud Boys in 2018. The group then gained further national attention Donald Trump mentioned the hate group during a presidential debate. Instead of denouncing white supremacy as asked, Trump ordered the group, "Proud boys: stand back and stand by," he said. "But I'll tell you what, someone has to do something against Antifa and the left because this is not a right problem, it's a left [problem]."

A violent Trump supporter, Tarrio organized protests and other events and encouraged a "war" after Trump lost the election last year. While he was Arrested for two days on January 4th Prior to the January 6th Capitol uprising, Washington police charged at least five members of the Proud Boys with the uprising. Tarrio was accused of possessing two high-powered rifle magazines and burning a Black Lives Matter banner during a protest in December. It's interesting how convenient it was that he was arrested before other serious crimes took place. While there is no evidence that he has worked with federal agencies since his hearing in Miami, the timing of his arrest raises the question of whether he still worked for the FBI.

In addition, the documents discovered by Reuters shed light on the fact that the head of the Proud Boys group has repeatedly stated in interviews that he would never inform the police about the Proud Boys' plans, but that he may have worked with investigators on several occasions Past.

"Well, when you're with the Proud Boys, you have to be pretty nervous," said Kendall Coffey, former US attorney for the southern Florida district NBC News. "Because if this person was working as a confidential informant, almost like an undercover agent or a secret agent, ask yourself, 'What could he say about us one day?'"

If so, there is no doubt that Tarrio declined to help law enforcement out of fear of backlash.

In a statement to Reuters, Johannes noted that she was surprised that the defendant, whom she has persecuted in the past, was a significant contributor to violent political movements. "I knew he was a scam but had no need to know that he was also a domestic terrorist," she said.

Officials are still investigating the role of extremist groups like the Proud Boys in the Capitol uprising. While Tarrio was absent during the incident, he made a trip to Washington, DC days earlier. Who knows what his plans were then. Even if he has helped investigators in the past, the actions he has taken or promoted in recent years are not being discarded.

So far, at least 150 people were charged in connection with the crimes committed at the Capitol earlier this month. Despite charges from the rioters who broke into the Capitol on January 6, they stand Conspiracy theories, groups and ideology they followed still stay. Until these factors are addressed, violence of this kind will continue.

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