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Republicans sway as Biden and Democrats beat them with Go Huge Go Quick technique

Democrats in Congress and President Joe Biden have shaken Republicans by moving quickly on their agenda.

The LA Times pointed out that the experience of GOP obstacles led the Democrats to a great strategy:

The experience was very burning for the Democrats, not least because the Republicans had almost entirely rejected Obama's economic bailout in the worst recession since the Depression. The aftermath is being followed by Democrats today as they attempt to advance President Biden's $ 1.9 trillion COVID relief plan to offset his desire for bipartisanism – he eventually pledged to work with Republicans – against the lesson learned by many from their experience 2009-10 Dragged: Finding Republicans Supporting an ambitious program is likely a breeze.

This is a major reason most of the Democrats in Congress, as well as White House advisors and Biden, are pushing a go-big-go-fast strategy.

Many Democratic voters are also haunted by Republican obstruction and the vision that Democrats will do everything possible to get Republican support just to get a firm no, and by Obama's second term he understood that there was nothing he was doing Republicans would ever agree to.

Their strategy was to say no, run out of time and hope to come to power in 2016.

Republicans would like to go back to the same game plan. They are proposing fake COVID relief laws for public relations purposes to make them look non-partisan, but the reality is that even if Biden accepted the Republican proposal, Republicans would vote against it.

Democrats have learned, so they get big and fast. You don't waste time waiting for support from across the aisle that never comes.

The result of this strategy was visible almost immediately. Without their bipartisan facade, Republicans vacillate. They spend half their time fighting each other and the other half kissing on Trump.

Republicans don't know what hit them. Everything they believed they knew about Democrats was wrong, and Biden and his party are more focused on getting things done and using their power than falling into obstructive traps.

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