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With Trump's pouting in Mar-a-Lago, the Republicans might have chosen a unique path. You didn't do it

The party's treatment of Greene is another key example. It's not hard to find a Republican who says she disapproves of Greene's conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook or Parkland school shootings or her repeated expressions of interest in assassinating Democratic leaders. But far from being marginalized, she is a member of the House Education and Labor Committee, which the Republican leadership of the House should have approved. In other words, it is a repetition of "responsible" Republican responses if Trump said or did something particularly outrageous – they would claim to be appalled but embrace him in every important way. And Greene won her Georgia elementary school with the help of Rep. Jim Jordan and Debbie Meadows, wife of former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

At that point, as never-Trump Republican Bill Kristol put it, the minority leader of the House was "Kevin McCarthy was more critical of Liz Cheney than Marjorie Taylor Greene. “Kristol claims to be amazed by this but it shouldn't be. This is the Republican Party right now.

The Republicans, who tried on January 6 to overturn the election results and vote for the will of voters in key states just hours after fleeing, have full control of the house. McCarthy agreed with them and continues to take care of them. If he has not already committed himself to this path, he has since been bullied – presumably also by Donald Trump himself when McCarthy traveled to Mar-a-Lago to kiss the ring.

If you know a Republican who says all of this doesn't represent them – that they aren't with Greene or Lauren Boebert to incite violence and hug QAnon, or the Republicans of Oregon calling the Capitol attack a false flag claim, or with Arizona Republicans say, that just defending the election results is worth criticizing – that Republicans need to understand that they are far, far from their party. And now they need to think seriously about what that means before facing a Marjorie Taylor Greene copycat on the ballot in their own district. This is now a question of conscience for all Republicans – are they rights with a basic integrity attached to their desire to be punished against poor and colored people, or are they all the way down the rabbit hole with their party?

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