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In Authorized Transient, Democrats say Trump focused "Loaded Cannon" by supporters within the Capitol

In a legal letter, Congress Democrats say former President Donald Trump aimed a "loaded cannon" of his supporters at Congress when he sparked a violent riot that killed five people, including a Capitol police officer who later suffered injuries died.

Democrats argue that Trump, whose impeachment trial is scheduled for February 9, must be found guilty of instigating the rebellion against Congress.

"His behavior endangered the lives of every single member of Congress, endangered the peaceful transition of power and succession, and endangered our national security," wrote the impeachment democratic managers. "This is exactly the kind of constitutional violation that justifies expulsion from the Federal Office."

The contents of the legal brief, first reported by The Associated Press, strongly condemn and blame Trump for the siege, arguing that his words are not protected by the first amendment. Furthermore, the legal letter hits back on a common line of defense of the Republicans: this Trump should not be found guilty for being out of office.

“This is not a case where elections alone provide adequate protection against future abuse. It is the electoral process itself that President Trump has attacked and that needs to be protected from him and anyone else who would try to imitate his behavior, ”the legal letter reads.

“The only honorable way at this point was for President Trump to accept the results and admit his electoral defeat. Instead, he called a mob to Washington, admonished them in a frenzy and aimed like a loaded cannon down Pennsylvania Avenue, ”he continues.

Trump's legal team is expected to argue that the impeachment process is unconstitutional. David Schoen, one of Trump's attorneys, confirmed in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he will not use Trump's claims of election fraud as part of his defense.

There is no evidence of widespread electoral fraud. Trump's claims have been rejected by cybersecurity and intelligence experts, not to mention countless state officials and local volunteers who have confirmed the elections were both free and fair.

You can read the legal letter HERE.

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