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Kevin McCarthy laments that Democrats are abusing their energy by holding Marjorie Taylor Greene accountable

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), minority chairman of the House of Representatives, stands arm in arm with Marjorie Taylor Greene complaining about Democrats holding Greene accountable.

Here is McCarthy's statement:

Marjorie Taylor Greene's previous comments on school shootings, political violence, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories endorsed by Marjorie Taylor Greene do not reflect the values ​​or beliefs of the House Republican Conference. I clearly condemn these comments. I've judged her in the past. I still judge them today. This House condemned and continues to condemn the last Congress of QAnon.
I made this clear to Marjorie when we met. I also made it clear that, as members of Congress, we have a responsibility to adhere to a higher standard than that presented as a private individual. Your previous comments now have a much bigger meaning. Marjorie recognized this in our conversation. I keep her word and her future actions.

I understand that Marjorie's comments have caused many deep wounds, and as a result, I offered Majority Leader Hoyer a way to lower the temperature and address those concerns. Instead of coming together to do this, the Democrats decide to raise the temperature by taking the unprecedented move to advance their partisan takeover of the other party's committee duties.

While the Democrats pursue a resolution on Congresswoman Greene, they continue to do nothing against Democrats on the Foreign Affairs Committee who have spread anti-Semitic tropics, Democrats on the Intelligence and Homeland Security Committee who have been compromised by Chinese spies, or the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee advocating violence against officials.

Ultimately, this resolution continues to distract Congress, especially given the limited amount of time Spokesman Pelosi and the Democratic leadership want the House to debate and work on what it needs to focus on: getting Americans back to work, getting children back to school and providing vaccines to all Americans in need.

McCarthy's false equivalences are not on the charts. How many Democrats have called for the House leadership to be executed? How many Democrats are being investigated for collaborating in an insurrection to overthrow the United States government?

Kevin McCarthy helps Qanon take over the Republican Party.

Rather than cooling off after Donald Trump lost, Republicans are embracing local terrorists and taking another step on their way to an extremist fringe.

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