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SEE Nicolle Wallace poking holes within the Trump Impeachment Protection

Donald Trump will soon face impeachment proceedings in the Senate. Finding lawyers willing to defend him has been a problem. The 45th President is now on his second legal team after his first resignation because he would not follow their strategy.

And the arguments to defend Trump are not great. MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace spent a Tuesday on her show tearing her apart.

The host began: "The following seems to be the best they could come up with: "It is denied that the phrase," If you don't fight like hell, you will have no more land "has nothing to do with the action of the Capitol it was clearly about the need to fight for election security. "What? That is how the insurgents did not understand Trump's words at all."

Wallace then continued:

"And that complicates the defense attorney's case," said Wallace. We all now know that Donald Trump went home and watched the riot for hours on live television. I didn't even take calls. And he never rushed to Twitter to clarify, "whoa, whoa, wait, my supporters misunderstood me." He didn't address the American people until much later as President. Until much of the damage was done hours after the Capitol broke in and even then told the insurgents that he "loved" them.

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