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The Republicans' assembly at Marathon Home was a cowardly competitors the place everybody received

Greene expressed "regret for some of her most outrageous comments on social media – including questioning about the 9/11 attacks, guilty of a Jewish cabal-directed space beam for deadly wildfire, and doubts about school shootings," said Greene the Washington Post. "She also apologized for taking her colleagues to a difficult place, according to Republicans in the room."

The next coward is the House minority leader Kevin McCarthy, who orchestrated the whole thing and defended Greene's position on the Education Committee, despite claiming the school shootings are jokes and she molested a survivor of the Parkland shooting. McCarthy is nearing climax and wants it both ways. He disapproves of Greene's comments, welcomes her for secretly apologizing, and is most of all angry that Democrats would dare to take action where he doesn't – Democrats have scheduled a vote to strip Greene from committee duties.

McCarthy also came out of that long GOP meeting and lied to reporters and said, “I think it would be helpful if you could hear exactly what she was telling us all. When I denounce Q-on I don't know if I'm saying it right, I don't even know what it is– –About the shootings, she said she knew nothing about lasers, all the different things that were brought up about them. “McCarthy knew how to say QAnon and what it was, pretty well last summer when he denounced Greene – not part of his caucus at the time – for promoting her. And with Greene's denial that she said the things she said? Over coward.

McCarthy's great wish for Republicans to support Cheney, but also Greene, was:We need to unite so that we can take over the majority and rule. “It's the Republican version of a big tent: you can promote the insurrection or oppose the insurrection as long as you vote to cut government spending, lower taxes for the rich and support penal policies against marginalized communities.

The whole House will vote on the Greene Committee's duties on Thursday. It's an unprecedented move. But also a member who says the kind of things it said while helping start a riot that left five dead in the U.S. Capitol and whose party refused to take action against them itself.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the resolution's sponsor, said earlier this week, “I'm in the process of speaking to Republicans, and while I don't have much hope of attracting Republican co-sponsors, I expect you to, if we bring the resolution to the table as a privilege resolution, it will find Republican support, but not much. “After the moment of the rally for the Republicans on Wednesday evening, we will take care of it.

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