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Home adopts Senate draft COVID-19 price range and has two weeks to finish their work

Pelosi reiterated Friday's deadline and spoke to reporters after the House Democratic leadership met with President Biden. When asked if they would be ready by March 14th, she said, "Absolutely. Without question. Before." She added, "We hope to put vaccines in people's arms, money in people's pockets, children safe in schools and workers in their jobs." Speaking to Biden, she said he was "value-based, knowledge-based and strategic" in his presentation. She added that he told Democratic leaders that he was "open to non-partisanship" but focused on "getting results as soon as possible".

Biden himself reiterated this in his remarks on Friday: "Are we going to say millions of Americans who are unemployed – many have been unemployed for six months or more and are afraid of this economic and health crisis?" Worry, wait, things are getting better? & # 39; "said Biden." That's the Republicans' answer right now. I can't do this with a clear conscience. Too many people in the nation have suffered for too long. "He also accused Republicans of" rediscovering "their obsession with the deficit after ignoring it for Trump's four years, even as they passed their massive tax cut .

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