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Marjorie Taylor Greene calls out media as Dems put together to launch her on congressional committees

The embattled pro-Trump Georgia Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed the media Thursday before Parliament voted on whether or not to scrape off her committee duties.

Greene has come under fire for making statements ahead of her election to Congress, many of which have been deemed racist and anti-Semetic by Democrats and the media.

In her speech, Greene quickly called out the media and turned the tables, saying, "Are we going to allow the media, as guilty as QAnon, to present truth and lies to divide us?"

She began her speech by saying that she hasn't really had the opportunity to meet most of her colleagues and that she may have a skewed view of her from extensive media stories: “You only know me, like Media Matters, CNN, MSNC and the rest of the mainstream media portrays me. "

"Any source of information that is a mixture of truth and lie is dangerous," Greene continued. "Big media companies can take tiny bits of what we say and present us as who we are not."

She talked about wanting to work with all members of Congress, but declared, "It should always be America first, there's nothing wrong with that."

. @ mtgreenee: "If this Congress is to tolerate members who condone the riots that have hurt the American people … but still want to condemn me and crucify me in public for words I said that I regret a few years ago when I did think we have a really big problem. “

– Daily caller (@DailyCaller) February 4, 2021

Greene also regretted some of her previous comments in support of QAnon.

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"I got to believe things that weren't true and I asked questions about them and talked about them and that is absolutely what I regret."

Rep. Greene currently serves on the Education, Labor, and Household Committees.

Check out her entire speech below.

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Greene had previously apologized to her colleagues

Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) recently campaigned for Greene's comments, and Democrats have asked McCarthy for some kind of reference to Greene.

Leader McCarthy and the new member of Congress held a 90-minute session Wednesday, but little is known about the discussion.

Democrats had stated that if McCarthy were unwilling to take action on Greene, they would consider voting to remove her committee duties.

You don't just want to cancel.

They want to cancel every Republican.

Don't let the mob win.

– Marjorie Taylor Greene (@mtgreenee) February 4, 2021

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Since everyone is talking about me, here are the statements the Fake News Media refuses to share with the American public during this Democratic Mob Demolition campaign:

08/14/20 –

01/16/21 –

1/19/21 –

– Marjorie Taylor Greene (@mtgreenee) February 3, 2021

At the meeting, several GOP members rose in their defense, including Andy Biggs (R-AZ), chairman of the House Freedom Caucus.

The efforts of the Democrats to deprive Congressman Greene of her committee duties on thoughts and opinions she shared as a private individual before coming into the house are unprecedented and unconstitutional, and these steps are a dangerous departure for our nation.

– Rep Andy Biggs (@RepAndyBiggsAZ) February 3, 2021

Even so, Greene did not believe in what she saw as a lack of support from the leadership of her own party.

If @SpeakerPelosi were the leader of the minority, she would use every identity ploy in the book to defend her member.

White, woman, woman, mother, Christian, conservative, business owner

These are the reasons why they don't want me at Ed & Labor.

It's my identity and my values.

– Marjorie Taylor Greene (@mtgreenee) February 3, 2021

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Greene actually gets help from Democrats

Marjorie Taylor Greene may be exempted from her committee duties, but she can safely say that she has received help from her Democratic counterparts.

Due to the threat of punishment from the Democrats, Greene has received a major boost in fundraising.

By Wednesday, Greene had raised $ 175,000. In a tweet she thanked everyone who had donated. And in another controversial comment, Greene stated, “You attack me because I am one of you. We won't back down. We will never give up! "

UNREAL! $ 175,000 !!

Thank you to each and every America First Patriot who donated to help protect my Congress seat from the Democratic mob.

They attack me because I am one of you.

We won't back down. We will never give up!

Sign your letter of support: write to MTG at 55444

– Marjorie Taylor Greene (@mtgreenee) February 4, 2021

Check out Greene's full speech here:

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