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Indian farmers have been protesting for months and their battle is really a worldwide subject

Within a few hours of Rihanna's tweet on a CNN story On the issue and why people did not talk about the protests, the State Department issued a statement criticizing "celebrities and others" for their "neither accurate nor responsible" comments. In support of the Indian government, some Bollywood celebrities tweeted against "propaganda" threatening India's unity and shaming Rihanna.

The worst comes from Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, a vocal supporter of the Bharatiya Janata Party (B.JP), a Hindu nationalist group that could be said to correspond to the Proud Boys. In one Series of tweetsRanaut not only criticized Rihanna's work, but also her appearance and even the color of her skin. In all fairness, Ranaut's disgusting behavior should have removed her from Twitter.

"Before we rush to comment on such matters, we would like to urge that the facts are established and a proper understanding of the issues at hand be made," said Anurag Srivastava, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. said in a statement on Wednesday. "The temptation of the sensational social media hashtags and comments, especially when used by celebrities and others, is neither accurate nor responsible."

But the negative and false narratives spread right-wing conservatives in India, including naming Rihanna as a "porn star", didn't stop her tweet from going viral and spreading awareness of farmers' protests. Both Western celebrities and athletes announced that this issue should not only be addressed but also supported. Broad receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers Juju Smith-Schuster even donated $ 10,000 medical care for farmers in need, many of whom protested outside despite deadly cold temperatures.

Rihanna was also supported by Thunberg, who tweeted that she was "in solidarity with the #FarmersProtests in India" and that "no amount of hate threats or human rights abuses will ever change that". Thunberg even shared a link to register objections to the new laws and a toolkit, In response, the Delhi police said they were investigating whether there was an international campaign to damage India's reputation. The toolkit, ThunburG said, was to "Allow anyone unfamiliar with the ongoing peasant protests in India to better understand the situation and make decisions on how to support farmers based on their own analysis."

In response to the support Rihanna and Thunberg had created online for the protesting farmers, the Indian government and legacy officials resorted to violence, as in the past. Indian government officials not only burned photos of Rihanna and Thunberg, but also issued arrest warrants for them for instigating terrorism. Tweets embarrassing the two by Bollywood celebrities quickly caught attention, and headlines in local Indian newspapers highlighted the two by saying they were inciting propaganda and trying to negatively affect India.

Rihanna's tweet couldn't have come at a worse time for the Indian government. In recent weeks, global awareness of the peasant movement has led to criticism of India's handling of the protests by both the UK and Canadian officials. In addition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been repeatedly criticized for his support for Donald Trump and similar tactics to encourage violence during peaceful demonstrations. According to NBC NewsWith farmers not only being an important part of the Indian economy but also one of the most influential election blocs in India, Modi faces challenges in the upcoming election.

Rihanna's tweet made the issue a talking point and awareness raising in the US. Proponents have consistently pushed for unsuccessful action to be taken. While it's sad that a Western celebrity tweeted on the subject to get more exposure, it's also commendable that Rihanna took the time to do it. It sheds light on the fact that injustice cannot go unnoticed.

It also gives hope to activists that change can occur and that there is support at all levels. While several Indian celebrities have silenced the issue and called on protest terrorism for their own consolation, Western celebrities raising their voices are putting pressure on Indian officials to take action due to global awareness.

According to this report, the Supreme Court of India issued an injunction temporarily suspended implementation of farmers, but farmers are strong at demanding total attraction.

"The government treats us like thieves, but we fight for our rights," said Harbachan Singh, a Punjab farmer who runs a communal kitchen on the Singhu border The guard. Further information on the relevant invoices can be found here quick explanation why the laws protested are not just an Indian but a global issue.

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