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Senator Ron Johnson melts and blames Nancy Pelosi for attacking the Capitol

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) went into the billion dollar lawsuit brought by Fox News' co-defendant Maria Bartiromo to hold spokesman Pelosi responsible for the Capitol attack.


Ron Johnson hovers absurdly that Nancy Pelosi is somehow responsible for a MAGA mob that descends on the Capitol over a deadly riot.

– Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) February 7, 2021

Senator Johnson said, "What is this impeachment about? We now know that 45 Republican Senators believe this is unconstitutional. Is this another rerouting operation? Could this be different from what the spokeswoman knew and when she knew?" I don't know, but I'm suspicious. "

Ron Johnson is the same Senator who has spent more than a year using his position as Chairman of the Senate Committee to launder Russian propaganda through the Senate.

Johnson is still trying to defend Donald Trump with lies and disinformation. The Republican Party is the party of conspiracy theories. Senator Johnson wants someone to be responsible for the uprising that led to the US Capitol attack that killed five people and tried to overthrow the US government because if Pelosi can be held responsible for the uprising he doesn't criticize if he votes to acquit Trump.

Speaker Pelosi was a target of the rioters. Thanks to Donald Trump, her life was in danger.

Fox News must gain control of its hosts as conspiracy theories run wild and potential litigation will bring the network out of business if they continue to be used as a platform for unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

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