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Army officers obtained an unpleasant shock from the impeachment video exhibiting Pence being escorted to security

Pence was not brought to safety alone, however. He was with his family, his security service … and a military officer who carried the Vice President's backup nuclear soccer ball. CNN reports that, according to an unnamed defense official, US Strategic Command learned how close football has got to the mob when impeachment executives played this new video of Pence's group rushing down stairs to a safer location in the Capitol.

To be clear, the Vice President's nuclear football is a backup, and Trump's football was safe in the White House, and the officer who wears Pence's football has never lost control of it, and there are a lot of safeguards in place to avoid an accidental nuclear strike to prevent . In the actual nuclear strike department, having it around the mob but not holding it in their hands was not necessarily more dangerous than having it in the hands of Donald Trump for four years.

Still, there were other dangers, Kingston Reif of the Arms Control Association told CNN: "The risk that the insurgents would get their hands on Pences football was not that they could have initiated an unauthorized launch. But had they stolen the football and acquired its contents, including pre-planned nuclear attack options, they could have shared the contents with the world. "

Trump's malice was so great that when he turned this mob on Pence to dismiss the election results and stay in the White House against the will of voters, he not only tried to threaten the man who had flattered him, and Made his bid For four years, he threatened Pence's family, his intelligence detail, and both nuclear football and the officer who carried it. Trump's only thought was to try to stay in office or, if that fails, to radically undermine US democracy and delegitimize the new president. He didn’t care who he was putting at risk for this purpose. Republican senators have a lot to ignore. In this way, they show us who they are.

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