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In Fox's look, Trump's legal professional argued that solely his supporters had been "engaged" sufficient to grow to be violent

On Tuesday, Schön and Fox host Sean Hannity discussed the fact that Democrats have been using the word “struggle” for years when Schön voluntarily made a distinction in terms of results.

"They use equally inflammatory or more inflammatory rhetoric," he said of the Democrats. "The problem is, they don't really have followers, you know, their dedicated followers and all – you know, when they make their speeches."

Right, the Democrats' "problem" (i.e., their inability to use violence) was that they lack "dedicated supporters" (i.e., people who evacuate on orders and commit murder).

I agree. Schön's characterization of the non-violent Democrats as a "problem" is astonishing in itself. Better yet, he completely undercut the video's suggestion that Democrats also use the word "fight", as did Trump.

No, not just like Trump. The Democrats did not spend months predicting that they would lose the election because it was "rigged" and assuring their supporters that they would both be and were disenfranchised. Democrats haven't spent years stirring up complaints from their supporters, They encourage their violence, praise them for beating people up, and promise to pay for their defense if their acts of violence put them on the wrong side of the law. Democrats did not encourage their followers to believe that their personal satisfaction and satisfaction superseded another's right to personal and physical safety.

No Trump and his GOP conspirators did that – which is why Trump's supporters went out on Jan. 6 to murder people in sight. And they succeeded, just not as much as they had hoped.

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