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George Washington ought to be celebrated, not canceled – a reminder of President's Day

George Washington is the first President of the United States and the father of our country.

He is a man of legendary stature around the world for his wisdom and bravery.

But today, many on the far left believe it should be canceled – removed from American culture and history.

It is the job of patriotic Americans to rise to this challenge and celebrate Washington more than ever.

Just when you think the dropout culture can't get any worse, the San Francisco Board of Education is removing the names of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and even Dianne Feinstein from certain schools. This is a culture that has gone mad. It's time to break the abandon culture.

– U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (@ SenBillCassidy) February 3, 2021

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Tear down Washington

In June 2020, George Washington was the top trending topic on Twitter after his statue was toppled in Portland, Oregon.

The next day, his statue was also defaced in Druid Hill Park in Baltimore.

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There are other examples of left-wing attacks on Washington as a symbol of our country and founding father. I'll spare you the bloody details.

Schools named after Washington in various US cities are dropping the name as citizens turn to an outrageous and radical “awakened” left.

Harpeth Hall, director of a private all-female prep and middle school in Nashville, Tennessee, said the school's annual reflection on Washington "is inconsistent or relevant with the way we teach history today."

Pure nonsense.

A prominent Nashville prep school (Harpeth Hall) has announced that it will no longer hold its annual George Washington celebration because it is "inconsistent or relevant to the way we teach history today." You only teach revisionist history now?

– Nick Short (@PoliticalShort) June 23, 2020

The greatness of Washington

Washington helped win the War of Independence and served as its first commander in chief, but there is more to its great legacy.

John Berlaus' book "George Washington: Entrepreneurs: How Our Founding Father's Private Business Changed America and the World" by the Competitive Enterprise Institute explains how George Washington paved the way for American innovation and dynamism through his business activities and the support of early American inventors.

Berlau explains: "I am showing how much the excessive British regulation has led him to revolution."

Obviously, American independence was vital to our emerging nation. But Berlau also explains how Washington spoke out against the bigots of his time.

"I also show how Washington crucified against bigotry towards Catholics and Jews and finally turned against slavery – by often speaking out against it in letters and freeing all of its enslaved workers in its will," writes Berlau.

Regarding the controversy surrounding the Harpeth Hall School, Berlau said: "I find it very sad, but unfortunately typical of what is going on in the rest of the country."

He added, "If I were a parent with a student from this school, I would be very disappointed that they would not give my child a full education."

"Washington was not perfect and it's okay to criticize him and the other Founding Fathers, but that school official actually says that learning about him is irrelevant," Berlau continued.

After all, someone with a brain or an entire city gets really sick and tired of this BS and forbids themselves together to put an end to it. San Franciscans don't like to waste $ 400,000 just to maintain petty politics. Http://

– The Real Engie (@engie_real) February 5, 2021

If you break off Washington, you can break off America entirely too

"But of course George Washington is relevant if you live in this country, the father of this country and someone who built the American system," he observed. "He took the outrageous step of voluntarily relinquishing power, both after the War of Independence and as President, thereby setting the American precedent for a peaceful transfer of power."

Berlau stressed the importance of Washington in setting the original pace of American values ​​such as ingenuity and the pursuit of improvement.

"George Washington was responsible for establishing the American tradition of innovation in many ways," he said. "He was an innovator himself."

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“Build new plows and create things like a 16-sided barn. He was the first to bring mules to America. And the introduction of crop rotation, ”he explained.

"To give up tobacco when he found it harmful to the soil and start planting new crops like weeds and hemp," continued Berlau. "And he was a patron of American inventors, both as a private citizen and as a president."

"There are so many things that inspire me about both George and Martha today," concluded Berlau.

I just scratched the surface here. Readers can learn a lot more from books like those by Berlau and Ron Chernow.

George Washington should never be canceled. And for those who believe otherwise, you can cancel the rest of America too.

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