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Biden makes McConnell's dangerous day worse by exposing GOP conspiracy to dam COVID support

President Joe Biden didn't crush any words Tuesday when it came to Republican efforts to block the COVID relief laws the country desperately needs.

Before Biden left the White House for a city hall event in Wisconsin, he was asked about Republican opposition to his COVID relief package.

Mitch McConnell said the rejection of COVID aid will unite Republicans. What do you say? "a reporter asked Biden.

"It may unite Republicans, but it will hurt America badly," the president replied.


"It may unite Republicans, but it will hurt America badly," said Pres. Biden says when asked by a reporter outside the White House if the rejection of COVID-19 aid would unite Republicans.

– ABC News (@ABC) February 16, 2021

Biden's blow to obstructionist McConnell comes shortly after the embarrassed former President Donald Trump issued a statement effectively declaring war on the Senate minority leader.

The vast majority of Americans support Biden's COVID relief plan

The Republicans, led by Senate Minority Chairman Mitch McConnell, seem to think the best way to heal their broken party is to unite against Joe Biden's plan to tackle the public health and economic crisis he inherited last month.

The only problem for them is that the vast majority of Americans, including many Republicans, support Biden's proposal to help. Recent polls show that nearly 70 percent of the country supports the president's plan.

More important than the politics of Biden's plan is necessity. With millions of Americans unemployed and struggling to make ends meet, the federal government must take bold steps to get the economy going again.

Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress are doing just that, whether Republicans plan to join them or not.

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