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Rethink politics for Black America

Last summer, Millions of Americans took to the streets across the country to protest the police violence suffered by black Americans. It sparked what is known as the largest civil rights movement of our time – one in which worldwide demonstrations, new requirements for the legislature and white and non-black people were promised to speak out against injustice and the other no longer to turn the other way. It seemed like the United States was finally ready to do the work to be less racist.

But after the protests had subsided and the anti-racism books had been read, many also asked themselves: What now?

How can we redress the 400 years of racism and injustice that blacks have experienced in this country? How do we begin to address the systemic problems that have deliberately disadvantaged black Americans when it comes to achieving wealth, quality education, and clean air to breathe? This series hopes to begin that conversation – and lay the foundation for the federal government to act.

To rethink politics for Black America, Vox spoke to politicians, lawmakers, researchers, activists and the communities affected by these injustices to come up with some of the best policy plans to deal with inequalities in housing, health, economy, education , Police and traffic deal with the surrounding area. Some are familiar; some are ambitious; Not all of them can be packaged and sent to Congress for approval today. But they are a start and when they come into effect they would help create a truly anti-racist future in America.

Reporter: Fabiola Cineas, Sean Collins, Jerusalem Demsas, Deutscher Lopez, Anna North, Rachel Ramirez and Li Zhou
Editor: Jessica Machado
Visuals editor and graphic designer: Christina Animashaun
Engagement editors: Nisha Chittal and Kaylah Jackson
Copy editors: Elizabeth Crane, Kim Eggleston, Tanya Pai, Kelli Pate and Tim Williams
Communication: Charmaine Crutchfield

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