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Cheers and mock: Thursday

And now our feature presentation …

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Cheers and ridicule for Thursday February 18, 2021

Note: Here's the helpful health tip of the day for Johns Hopkins Medical Center: bubble wrap, especially your groin area. Now go out into the world and be great.

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By the numbers:

24 days !!!

Days until summer time: 24

President Biden's approval rating in the new Morning Consult-Politico poll: 62%

Date to which the Biden administration extends both the COVID foreclosure moratorium and the window for registering mortgage payments: 06/30/21

Percent of the interviewed independents Gallup who say they want a third party who doesn't join Democrats or Republicans: 70%

Number of states in 1993 and 2021 that had Senate delegations with two parties: 21/6

Recreational marijuana sale of MaineThe 15 licensed pharmacies in January generated tax revenues of $ 247,000 for the state: $ 2.5 million

Average cost of an eighth ounce, enough for 14 cigarette-sized joints: $ 52

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Your Thursday Molly Ivins Moment:

One of the things that has affected a lot of Americans lately is the increase in the old vulgarity in our political discussion. It comes from a number of sources, but Rush Limbaugh is a major carrier.

I should explain that I am not without prejudice on this matter. I was attacked in the air by Rush Limbaugh, an experience similar to chewing gum. It doesn't really hurt, but it does leave slimy stuff on the ankle. (…)

I wouldn't say that ditto heads as a group are incapable of arguing. It's just that whenever I come across one he seems to be at a low level in his thinking skills. Poor old Bill Sarpalius, one of our weaker Panhandle Congressmen, once tried to explain to a town hall meeting of his constituents that Limbaugh was wrong when he convinced his audience that Bill Clinton's tax package contained a tax hike for the middle class. (It only raised taxes for the richest 2 percent of Americans.) One ditto in the crowd rose to protest: "We're not sending you to Washington to make responsible decisions. We're sending you there to represent us . "

– May 1995

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Puppy picture of the day: The work of a rancher is never done …

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CHEERS to cluster fucks for dummies. I admit, I didn't realize that Texas – that bastion of energy-generating brilliance, as Texas has told me a million times – had such an odd power grid with spittoons. In fact, it took me a few days to figure out how bad it would be if the Arctic-o-Cupypse continues to reveal a system –ERCOT, the R stands for "reliability" – apparently created by the most short-term thinkers everywhere. Yesterday, Grandma Ada revealed in the C&J comments why and at the same time brought the crisis into the language that even I can now understand:

You buy energy the DAY BEFORE, even if a storm comes! Since they are only supposed to buy what they think is necessary, many energy producers do not produce in winter because they either cannot sell it or because the price is too low. When summer comes everyone will produce.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott claims the Green is New Deal
This man's political career likely ended this week.

I've heard a professional from U of Houston make a good analogy: ERCOT is like putting up a baseball team, but you only pay the ten that play so the bench warmers don't show up. If a player is injured, you have no backup. Of course, Abbott et al. Blaming wind turbines, solar parks, Jewish space lasers etc, but the board that failed us was what he appointed! Come on in 2022!

Impressive. It's just all kinds of things mixed up. However, as advocates of the facts, we have a small correction: Texas has an exclusive contract with the Southern Laser Space Lasers.

P.S. Stay noble, Rusty …


I just confirmed @SenTedCruz and his family flew to Cancun tonight for a few days at a resort they visited earlier. Cruz seems to believe that in Texas he doesn't have much to do for the millions of Texans who are left without electricity / water and are literally freezing.

– David Shuster (@DavidShuster) February 18, 2021

He needs the rest to be fair. I hear that inciting a riot really upsets you.

CHEERS the birth of a new metaphor. Yesterday morning, shortly after 9 am, this once proud bastion of hookers and whores wafted through the air, in which the aroma of cigarette smoke and bleach in equal measure …

… took a face plant:

We all want to bookmark this tweet. I have a feeling that it will be useful. Especially after the readings of judgments.

CHEERS to stall for AmericaFuture. 180 years ago today February 18, 1841began the first continuous filibuster in the US Senate. It lasted until March 11th. Before reading the following details, you may want to do a little magic Filibuster cocktail. Well – let's Action:

Until the late 1830s, the filibuster remained a purely theoretical option that was never actually exercised. The Senate's first filibuster took place in 1837.

Filibustercocktail.jpg "src =" "title =" Filibustercocktail.jpg
Your filibuster is served.

In 1841 a crucial moment came during the debate on a bill on the Charter of Second Bank of the United States. senator Henry Clay tried to end the debate by majority vote and senator William R. King threatened a filibuster and said that Clay "could make his winter arrangements at his pension". Other senators sided with King, and Clay resigned. The word "filibuster" was derived from the Dutch word "pirate".

One thing we never need to worry about – a politician running out of words.

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CHEERS to great discoveries. While we wait for Perseverance to take center stage, it is worth noting that on that day in 1930, astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered a new "dwarf planet" on the outer edge of our solar system. A couple of summers ago, the New Horizons probe flew by and took some Polaroids, and you can Follow the further adventures here. Here's a wild picture from the Griffith Observatory, showing what the sphere (and its heart-shaped region) would look like if it were just a little closer to Earth:

This provocative image of a model of Pluto “hanging” over a harbor was created by the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles and CuriosityStream.

By the way, Tombaugh called it "Pluto". Republican ideas still prefer to call it "home".

CHEERS for today's edition of What Dang Fool Thing Has Joe Done Now? This is a two-fer. On Tuesday, President Biden climbed the steps of Air Force One to travel to Wisconsin. If you can take it, here is the footage:

Did you understand that? He had no toilet paper on the bottom of his shoe and then held a crisp military salute that shows that he is indeed serious about being commander in chief. It will be a long eight years with this type of behavior. Of course I mean an incredibly short eight years.

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Ten years ago in C&J: February 18, 2011

CHEERS to something that looks really awesome on a resume. President Obama awarded the Medal of Freedom to several recipients Tuesday in the white house. Awards are given for "a particularly meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural, or other significant public or private endeavors". This year's gaggle:

Maya Angelou

Chancellor Angela Merkel

Congressman John Lewis

John H. Adams

Warren Buffett

President Barack Obama awards the President's 2010 Medal of Freedom to Congressman John Lewis during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House on February 15, 2011. (Official White House photo by Lawrence Jackson).
What a moment.

Jasper Johns

Gerda Weissmann Klein

Dr. Tom Little (posthumous)

President George H. W. Bush

Yo-Yo Ma

Sylvia Mendez

Stan "The Man" Musial

Bill Russell

Jean Kennedy Smith

John J. Sweeney

Some nice pictures at Blackwaterdog digs. Each award winner receives the medal, a ribbon, a tie clip and the command of their own infantry division.

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And another one…

CHEERS to processions with blow. I have to say hi to my homies (I assume they are called "houseies") Dusseldorf, Germany, which was my playground for five years as a kid in the 1970s. Earlier this week they had their annual (albeit scaled-down) Carnival parade related to Rose Monday, for which they create outrageous floats that mock politicians around the world. You can see some of them here, but I'm going to highlight one thing I love: Joe Biden's predecessor is roasted like a pig over a campfire "Make America Great Again". A beautiful swan song:

RoseMondaytrump.jpg "src =" "title =" RoseMondaytrump.jpg

The cultists in the red hat were quick to condemn the car, saying it was unnecessarily flammable to compare the 45th President to a pig. But not until all the pigs had signed a petition condemning the car was it unnecessarily flammable to compare them to the 45th President.

I wish you a good Thursday. The ground is open … What are you cheering and mocking about today?

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Today's shameless C&J testimonial

Highest resolution images of Bill in Portland, Maine reveal that he is surprisingly shaky

– Gizmodo

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