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Are you able to hear the chants of resignation as Ted Cruz blames his kids for the Cancun fiasco?

First, the parents at Cruz's Daughters' private school were very pissed off and sent reporters copies of the school's written guidelines detailing how Cruz's move on an impromptu vacation technically made his daughters take longer than the weekend away from school – you know, international travel and COVID-19 and all that. Then the pictures of Cruz & # 39; walk of shame as he lugged a very sturdy rolling luggage bag – pretty big for someone who's going to get right rotate. Perhaps he always travels with the chains that he "forged in life" that he has "Link for link and yard for yard" made?

Finally, it was reported that Senator Ted Cruz's original return ticket, suddenly brought to his knees, was booked for Saturday. That will be the case in many days. This news led to my favorite meme of the day.

Calling Senator Ted Cruz a hypocrite is currently against the concept of hypocrisy. He's either a sociopath or something so difficult to diagnose that at some point in the future there will be a whole wing of psychology devoted to the subject.


Finally, Teddy snuck onto American soil, where he stood in front of reporters in his brand new Patagonia puffer jacket and said he had "made a mistake". But more importantly, when people were singing "step back, step back", Ted Cruz said he made the mistake of being a "good father." Sounds a bit like you don't think you made a mistake. In fact, it sounds a lot like your daughters made the mistake of believing their father wouldn't use them as a human advertising sign to shield his political career from the slingshots and arrows of his historical failures as a person and as a politician.

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