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Donald Trump Jr. continues to drive insane, blaming Democratic governors for the Texas disaster

Donald Trump Jr. tried to defend Ted Cruz by accusing "Democratic governors" if the Texas governor is a Republican.

Here the apple doesn't fall far from the tree:

The hypocrisy of those attempting to cancel Ted Cruz, who have been completely silent about the incompetence of their Democratic governor, is telling. My thoughts on the Cancun Cruz fauxoutrage! #Cruz #CancunGate is a fake.

– Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) February 18, 2021

Trump Jr. said Cruz took a "family vacation" and that Senators are not facing a crisis that is a governor's job, which is not true. Senators play their most precious role for their constituents by getting things done by enabling coordination at the federal, state, and local levels during times of natural disaster or crisis.

Trump Jr. then touched on a tangent about Democratic governors ignoring their executive orders and closing states.

The governor of Texas is Republican, and no Democrats hold state office in Texas.

Democratic governors in other states have no control over the situation in Texas.

No states are currently closed, which has nothing to do with the Texas crisis. The Trumps no longer have a national platform so they are trying to stay relevant by sharpening the same old axes that they believe are the reasons Trump lost.

Ted Cruz's cover story fell apart after texts leaked that he wasn't going with his family but was going on vacation.

It's pathetic to see Donald Trump Jr. reminding everyone that he's a Trump too and trying to do Trump stuff, but Trump's son doesn't understand what Senators are doing and his defense of Cruz only has highlighted that a vote for a Trump candidate is always a vote for ignorance and incompetence.

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