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Lindsey Graham goes to Mar-a-Lago to argue with Trump. It's a grasp plan

A bit of golf, a few chats, and suddenly Trump transforms from a self-possessed ghoul into a vision of magnanimity ready to voice his own concerns for the common good. That seems realistic.

One thing Graham is right about is the fact that the internecine war between Trump and minority leader Mitch McConnell is a huge success Cumulonimbus Cloud hangs over Senate Republicans heading for 2022.

"They're each other now," Graham told Fox News this week, adding, "I'm more worried about 2022 than ever before. I don't want to eat our own." Graham has also repeatedly insisted that Trump is the essential GOP ingredient to catch on in the 2022 interim period, though to date there is no evidence that Trump is delivering his voters when he's not on the menu.

Meanwhile, McConnell has reportedly pronounced Trump dead and – hoo boy! – nothing upsets Trump more than people who don't give him the time of day.

On the other side of the Graham equation is a group that actually gives Trump the time of day: the Never-Trump Republican Accountability Project. The group just launched a $ 1 million advertising campaign aimed at viewers of Fox News defending the GOP lawmakers who convicted Trump of treason in the country by sparking the January 6 riot.

"After our capital was attacked, our representatives in Congress were threatened and a policeman was killed. Senator Murkowksi had a choice," said the narrator of a television commercial, according to Politico. “She could look away and pretend it didn't happen, or she could stand up and say, 'This can never happen again. & # 39; Thank you, Senator Murkowski, for upholding your constitutional oath and protecting our country. ”

The campaign, which includes billboarding in some Republican home counties, is in part a response to Republican States parties across the country that have been quick to censor GOP lawmakers who voted in favor.

But the ad campaign is also a reminder that this GOP civil war is far from being a fight confined to bipway sniping but will continue to spill over into the States throughout the 2022 cycle.

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