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The retired normal who was tapped by Pelosi to analyze the Capitol rebellion has a leftist conspiracy

Retired Army Lieutenant General Russell Honore, charged with investigating the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol, has an interesting history in proclaiming positions of the left and promoting conspiracy theories, including the event he is investigating.

Not a mere impartial observer, he has claimed the US Capitol Police and Sergeant at Arms were "complicit" in the violence. Honore has provided no evidence of such an alliance.

He recently told MSNBC, “I was surprised that the Pentagon did not have these troops on standby. The FBI had a big flaw in their intelligence. "

He continued, “As soon as this is all exposed, the Capitol Police have acted complicitly. A police chief has been fired, but now we have to look at a special investigation. Was he complicit, along with the House NCO and the Senate? It gives the appearance of complicity. "

We hear you sir!
Lt. Gen. Honoré will lead the Capitol security review at

– Jerry Scott (@Jerry_Scott_FL) February 6, 2021

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Promoting left wing conspiracy theories

While Honore can certainly exercise his First Amendment rights like anyone else, there has been some speculation that, given the views he has published, he is likely not the right person to make a bipartisan attempt to find out what happened Jan. 6 .

Honore recently promoted a Twitter thread by a conspiracy analyst named Eric Garland who claimed there may be a link between the suicide of Capitol cop Howard Liebengood and former Trump employees Paul Manafort and Roger Stone.

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Lt. Gen. Honore may not be qualified to investigate demonstrations in Washington as he encouraged veterans to march on Washington in August 2020 in response to yet another conspiracy theory.

In an article in the left-wing "Politics USA" a conspiracy theory was put forward in which it was claimed that the Trump administration was involved in the "sabotage" of the United States Postal Service.

At a time when the USPS was trying to cut costs, some claimed Trump was trying to prevent pre-election mail-in voting.

Honore also put forward the idea of ​​Trump taking orders from Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop the census before it is complete.

Honore went on to tweet that "Putin told the White House to stop #Census."

Calls grow for a March in Washington to stop Trump's mail sabotage via @politicususa

– Russel L. Honore & # 39; (@ltgrusselhonore) August 15, 2020

The census, the Supreme Court and why the count stops early – The New York Times is crying too bad, guess #Putin told @WhiteHouse to stop the #count, and the Supreme Court for Dogs' Ass did it. Same dog ass court that weakens voting rights.

– Russel L. Honore & # 39; (@ltgrusselhonore) October 14, 2020

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Republicans speak out against Lieutenant General Honore

Earlier this week, House Republicans had objected to Honore's appointment. Reps Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, James Comer and Rodney Davis said he was appointed by Nancy Pelosi "without consulting the minority".

While Republicans acknowledge that Honore reached out to them to update them on his past work, it was made clear through Honore's own Twitter account that he is not in love with the GOP and is clearly not a supporter of Donald Trump.

Honore recently claimed that Missouri Senator Josh Hawley "is out of DC and should be banned as soon as possible."

General Honoré is accused of bias for his comment on @Hawley.

"That little bit of s – with his law degree from Yale should get out of DC and Disbarred ASAP," Honoré said in a post that now appears to have been deleted. ~

– (@RemyStMichaels) February 19, 2021

He also called for President Trump's removal from office through the 25th Amendment.

– Russel L. Honore & # 39; (@ltgrusselhonore) January 7, 2021

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Honore also retweeted a conspiracy theory that Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) tried to lead the Capitol rioters on to Nancy Pelosi.

QAnon @laurenboebert, newly elected to Congress, tweeted Nancy Pelosi's location live to a lynch mob. She has to lose her job.

– Randi Mayem Singer (@rmayemsinger) January 10, 2021

Perhaps a very meaningful tweet is one that featured several officials elected in Louisiana as a gasoline can with the headline, "We have no idea how the fire started, with spilled gasoline expressing the word" riot. " The tweet allegedly blamed Republicans for the January 6 violence.

@SteveScalise @NOLAnews

– Russel L. Honore & # 39; (@ltgrusselhonore) January 10, 2021

GOP representatives Jordan, Nunes, Comer and Davis may have cause for concern over the investigation into the January 6th events.

The retired lieutenant general is welcomed to hear his views and has absolute rights to express them, however crazy they may be.

But Nancy Pelosi should appoint someone neutral and not a left partisan if he is to investigate a political crime.

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