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The primary group of asylum seekers compelled to attend in Mexico by a earlier administrator had been allowed to enter the USA.

The first contributions were a collaboration between the Biden administration, the U.N. refugee agency and non-profit organizations. NBC News reported that asylum seekers after being tested for COVID-19 were taken to hotels provided for housing by the San Diego Rapid Response Network. From there, they can eventually travel to live with relatives or friends who are already here while pursuing their asylum cases (almost all asylum seekers show up for their court dates, contrary to loudmouth claims against immigrants)

The CEO of Jewish Family Service, an organization that is part of the San Diego Rapid Response Network told CBS News that You can provide families with diapers and bus tickets to their final destinations with a mix of private and public funding. "Most come by with very little money and very few possessions." Michael Hopkins said in the report.

Until last weekend, only small groups of asylum seekers currently enrolled in Remain, Mexico were only allowed to cross one port of entry in San Diego. However, the AP reports that the Biden government will allow some asylum seekers currently enlisted on the policy to enter the US via Texas Crossings this week, Brownsville starting Monday and El Paso starting Friday.


We have just arrived in San Ysidro, the port of entry between San Diego and Tijuana. As asylum seekers testify that they are finally entering the US after waiting for years in the MPP program in Mexico.

Look forward to seeing this long-awaited moment firsthand.

– Nanette D. Barragán (@RepBarragan) February 22, 2021

"Authorities can process up to 300 per day at the San Diego border crossing, but Hopkins said it was not known when they will change the target from 25 per day," the AP reported. To like We mentioned earlier that time is of the essence: a lot of these asylum seekers who have been forced to wait for their US court dates in a dirty camp on the mexican side of the border, where they experienced a grueling winter storm.

Among the nearly 900 people are Enda Marisol Rivera and her 10-year-old son, also from El Salvador. After their tent's propane stove froze, the AP reported that the two had tried to stay warm under piles of blankets. "Despite the added distress from the Arctic explosion that struck Texas and northern Mexico, Rivera was in good spirits and was watching the news closely." She hopes her family will be among those selected to enter the United States soon. She has relatives in LA which means she will have to live somewhere while battling her case. All she needs is to hear her name called out soon.

"We have faith in God who we are let into," she said in the report. "We've already spent enough time here."

As proponents celebrate the entries by the current attendees, they voiced concern about the thousands of former attendees who have been completely blocked by the previous government. "By nature, it kept (people) in danger of forcing them to give up" Immigrant Defenders Law Center Managing Director and immigration attorney Lindsay Toczylowski said to New Republic. Proponents also expressed concern about disruption to the registry, where families sign up to be removed from the program. However, over the weekend, they stated that troubleshooting efforts were being made.


The bus with 25 MPP migrants has arrived on the Tijuana side of the border. Excited and proud to welcome you to the United States today.

– Nanette D. Barragán (@RepBarragan) February 22, 2021

"These Trump-era policies were a humanitarian catastrophe that deprived thousands of asylum seekers of meaningful asylum seekers while also forcing them to endure dangerous conditions in Mexico where they have been the target of kidnapping, rape and other abuse "said American Civil Liberties Union attorney Judy Rabinovitz," said. The group was among the organizations that successfully sued the previous administration over the policy. "

"The action of the Biden government is a welcome start to end this inhumanity, but it must act quickly to remedy the life-threatening situation of all those affected by this policy." Rabinovitz continued. "That means they can safely follow up their cases in the US without further trauma, incarceration or delay."

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