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Donald Trump Jr. deposed in DC Lawyer Basic Probe of the 2017 Family Fund

Donald Trump Jr. was dismissed on February 11 as part of an investigation into alleged abuse of posts for the inauguration of his father, former President Donald Trump, in 2017.

Donald Jr.'s testimony "raised further questions about the nature of an" inauguration-related bill "and revealed evidence that the defendants had not yet submitted records to the district," the court said Tuesday by the attorney general of DC, Karl Racine, was filed in the Washington Superior Court.

The deposit came two months after Donald Jr.'s sister, former White House adviser Ivanka Trump, was herself deposed on the case.

Racine sued the Trump Inaugural Committee, the Trump Organization and the Trump International Hotel last year for "blatant and unlawful misuse of charitable funds to enrich the Trump family."

The attorney general said at the time that an investigation into his office "revealed that the opening committee made exorbitant and unlawful payments to the Trump Hotel to rent event space for opening activities."

"This was the result of coordination between Vice Chairman of the Inaugural Committee, Rick Gates, Trump International Hotel Management, and members of the Trump family," Racine said when announcing the lawsuit in which the hotel made improper payments to the hotel of more than $ 1 million to be claimed opening committee.

Gates was dismissed in December, according to the new court file, which seeks to extend the time limits for dismissal and other evidence in the case.

The same file stated that Racine's office learned after last September that the opening committee had closed in connection with a contract the Trump Organization made with The Madison, a Lowes hotel in Washington, for a block of rooms during opening week Wrongly spent money.

"The contact person for the space block contract was Lindsay Santoro, then an employee of the Trump organization and assistant to the management of Donald Trump Jr.", it says in the file.

"The authoritative signature on the contract was Mr. Trump's close friend Gentry Beach."

An invoice for this block of rooms for $ 49,358.92 was forwarded to the opening committee in July 2017 and paid by the committee.

During his dismissal, Donald Jr. testified that he did not authorize his assistant or friend, Mr. Beach, to contract on behalf of the Trump Organization in connection with the initiation committee.

"Mr. Trump stated that in preparation for his filing, he checked emails or documents and determined [REDACTED] that Mr. Beach was [REDACTED] and used Mr. Trump's assistant to help him," it said the file.

"When asked for the names of the rooms and the bill, Mr. Trump was unable to testify whether any of them had donated to the [opening committee]. Instead, the names were associated with the campaign or the Trump family."

"For example, Mr. Trump testified that one person was a college friend, one was a Trump family driver, another was a New York celebrity from Real Housewives of New York who is also a Trump family friend," the file said .

A spokeswoman for Donald Jr. and the Trump Organization did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In the past, Donald Jr., his father, and other members of their clan have dismissed Racines and other investigations as politically motivated.

The Daily Beast reported Tuesday night that investigators at Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.'s office were asking questions about Donald Jr. in their criminal investigation into the elder Trump and the Trump organization that Donald Jr. runs with his brother Eric. have asked.

On Monday, the US Supreme Court ruled that as part of that investigation, Vance's office could obtain eight years' worth of former President Trump's tax returns and other financial records from his longtime accountants.

Vance is investigating whether the Trump organization has misrepresented the values ​​of various properties for various purposes, how the company booked hush money payments to two women who reported having sex with the elder Trump and other issues. Trump has denied the women's allegations and any wrongdoing.

New York attorney general Letitia James is conducting a civil law investigation into the Trump Organization that focuses on allegations made by former President Trump's attorney Michael Cohen that the law firm inflated and deflated the value of real estate in order to gain financial gain .

Eric Trump was dismissed from that investigation last fall.

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